“Yahoo” Long ago Successful, Now Miserable

Verizon Buy Yahoo
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Mata.co.id – Once around the year 2000 when the internet began to enter the corners of Indonesia there is one popular application called Yahoo Messenger. I am one of the users of this app. My habit used in this application is to do random chat with people from other countries like America, Australia, Philippines etc. Indirectly so be learning English. In fact there was once a question that is often asked at the beginning of the conversation that is ASL (age sex location) is usually answered with a short also 17 male Jogja for example. Generally who asks this is a man.

Verizon Buy Yahoo

At its peak in the year 2000 Yahoo’s valuation never reached Rp 1,300 Trillion. A fantastic figure in the midst of the dot com business booming at the time. Yahoo’s valuation value continues to decline amid intense competition with other internet-based companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. In 2008 Microsoft even tried to buy Yahoo around 50 billion dollars or about 660 trillion rupiah. But now Yahoo is rumored to be purchased by Verizon worth 4.83 billion dollars.

Misfortune experienced by Yahoo does not stop there. February 2017 news about hacking that occurred on billions of Yahoo accounts make Verizon want to reduce the purchase price of Yahoo as much as 12 trillion Rupiah. Hacking technique is unique, because hackers do not need a password to launch the action. Finally in March 2017 agreed Yahoo purchase price of 4.6 billion dollars or only about 9 percent of the price offered by Microsoft 9 years ago.

Verizone itself is a telecommunications company based in New Jersey – United States. Verizone provides cable, internet, TV broadcasting service via fiber optic cable network. In addition Verizone through its wireless business wing provides mobile phone, text message, and data services for mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Email Service Disorder

Several times the media also preach the disturbance that occurred in the Yahoo Mail service. In 2013 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer stepped in and expressed his apologies on the company’s official blog about the disruption of the service. I myself had several times experienced interruption to send email to Yahoo email address. These interruptions include emails that I send from my Gmail account or Outlook is not logged in. In addition, sometimes the email I send to the Yahoo Mail account comes in, but the attachment does not exist. When I checked in the shipping box in my email account it was reported that my email was sent well.

Yahoo Koprol

Purchase of Koprol

Koprol is a location-based social network created by Indonesia. Koprol has a mission to help its users to discover new and exciting people and places in the world. Founded in 2008 and in May 2010 purchased Yahoo for 600,000 – 1.000.000 Dollar. As a result of this purchase the majority of Koprol employees become employees of Yahoo.

Two years after the purchase of Koprol finally suffered bad luck because it must be closed. Precisely August 28, 2012 through a carefully conducted product portfolio review Yahoo officially closed the Koprol service. Koprol users are requested to export the profile, post, review, check-in, and original image uploaded. The process of taking data must be done before the date of August 28, 2012. Thousands of Yahoo employees fired at that time including the team Koprol.

In a chain message that I receive in WhatsApp groups, Yahoo may not be innovating. When a small competitor emerges Yahoo does not quickly make anticipatory steps to face competition. There is a possibility when a market leader, the tendency of corporate giants always underestimate new and small players.

I think it could be an assumption, because the author of the chain message is not a Yahoo employee. Maybe Yahoo has been working hard in the face of competition in the wilds of the internet. However, their ability is not able to resist the innovation and creativity created by their enemies.

Making the former top brass Google Yahoo CEO is also not a solution to save Yahoo from adversity. So what steps should be taken? Of course build a strong and solid team from within. The CEO is not a comic book hero who can always change things for the better.

One good example is Facebook, which in certain periods held cultural activities that indirectly make employees become creative, innovative and productive. Call it hackaton or activity-based innovation program or application within 24 hours non-stop. Then there is the challenge of reading the book “My 2015 challenge is to read new books every week-with an emphasis on understanding the diversity of cultures, beliefs, history, and technology” Zuckerberg wrote.

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Having a reliable team is not impossible to come up with innovations that can make the company better. As did Nintendo who innovates to create products that out of box (articles can be read here). Technology companies are companies whose base is human resources. Without a great team, a company of any size can be tricked by a small but innovative, creative and productive company.

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