Enjoying Sights at Lake Singkarak West Sumatra

Train That Passes by The Lake Singkarak
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Mata.co.id – Lake Singkarak is a lake that lies between two districts in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia, namely between Tanah Datar and Solok districts. Some people know this lake in Medan or Solok. This lake is one of the favorite natural attractions in the islands of Sumatra.

Train That Passes by The Lake Singkarak

Lake Singkarak stretches into the administrative area of ​​Solok and Tanah Datar. Lake which has an area of ​​107.8 km ² or about 1000 hectares is the 2nd largest lake on the island of Sumatra, has a depth of 268 meters and is at an altitude of 363.5 meters above sea level to make the air around the lake was cool and a lot of wind blew breezy . This lake is included in the type of tectonic lake because it is estimated to be formed due to the earth’s underground plate shift.

The first time Lake Singkarak is widely known starting in the year 1905 through the journal Biology owned by Ernst Haeckel. Earnst Haeckel is a researcher from Germany. His research on the lake ecosystem makes Haeckel become so amazed by the beauty of Lake Singkarak and he also revealed how amazed the beauty of Lake Singkarak through a painting.

This lake has clear water, you will often meilhat sampan of fishermen scattered on the surface of the lake singkarak to find fish, plus many trees that make the green scene around the lake. Beautiful scenery is what you will encounter in Lake Singkarak.

Although the lake is quite extensive and has clear water, not many species of fish that can live in the waters of Lake Singkarak. There are only 19 species of fish recorded can live in this lake. This is possible because of the limited amount of food and water conditions that fish live in general.

History of Lake Singkarak
Lake Singkarak is one of the results of the tectonic process influenced by the fault of Sumatra. This lake is part of the Basin between Singkarak and Solok and is among the segments of the Sumatran Fault. The basin in this lake is formed by a subsidence of the movement activity of the Sumatran Fault.

The basin is very large and unstoppable by volcanic material from surrounding volcanic eruptions. As a result of this volcanic material destruction has formed a lake that is Maninjau Lake located in one part of the Basin of Singkarak and Solok. Very different formation between Lake Singkarak and Maninjau Lake. Lake Singkarak formed by tectonic process while Maninjau Lake formed by volcano eruption.

Due to the shift of the earth’s plate, formed a Lake Tektonik Lake Singkarak. This lake has a very super amazing view. The scenery is beautiful as if you do not want to wink when you look at it. This lake presents a variety of natural beauty that can spoil the eye. There is a canoe scattered above the surface of the lake and the green scenery that enveloped the lake and the attraction of Lake Singkarak.


Lake Singkarak has now become one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the province of West Sumatra and rarely quiet by visitors. The tourists who come to the second largest lake in Sumatra is from various cities in Indonesia. The lake is very beautiful and very fascinating.

Lake Singkarak is so vast, but for the population of aquatic animals living in this lake somewhat. Recorded species of fish that live in the waters of Lake Singkarak there are only 19 species of fish. Perhaps this is due to limitations in fish food sources in the water. Plankton which became fish food is difficult to live in this lake because of the sunlight that can not penetrate into the bottom of the lake.

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There is one type of endemic fish in Singkarak lake called Bilih fish or “Mystacoleucus Pangangensis” which supposedly Bilih fish is only able to survive only in this lake only. The community was trying to cultivate this Bilih fish. But the result always fails. This Bilih fish can not live in other water ponds other than in Lake Singkarak.

Lake Singkarak is located in Solok District and Tanah Datar, West Sumatra Province, The lake is about 70 km from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra

The uniqueness of Singkarak lake

  1. The existence of the fish select
    Recorded about 19 species of fish that can live in the waters of Lake Singkarak. One of these fish species is the bilih fish (Mystacoleucus padangensis). The fish are quite special because they can only live in this lake. Many are trying to breed bilih fish outside Lake Singkarak, but always fails, the fish always just can not stand and die.
  2. Singkarak Lake Tourist Train
    Singkarak Lake Tourist Train is a tourist train owned by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia with route Solok-Sawahlunto-Batutabal PP. The train was inaugurated on February 21, 2009 can be rented or can follow the schedule that already exist, the cost is quite cheap from Rp. 20,000
  3. Tour de Singkarak
    Lake Singkarak is part of the Tour de Singkarak, an international cycling event that is regularly held annually. Tour de Singkarak was first held in 2009. Operation time lasts for a week between in April – June with passes up to seven stages.Tour de Singkarak is not just a bicycle race event, but also as an introduction to the cultural diversity and beauty of natural panorama of West Sumatra. Along the route participants will be treated to a view of cultural diversity Minang and also the natural beauty of West Sumatra.
  4. The Length of The Lake Increases from Time to Time
    Because Lake Singkarak belongs to the tectonic lake category, the size of Lake Singkarak always changes with the shift of the earth’s plate below it. According to the results of research experts, Singkarak lake initially has a length of only 3 km, then increased its length to 8 km, and now about reached 23 km. The length of the lake is expected to continue to grow over time.

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