The Beauty of Sibayak Mountain Berastagi

Mount Sibayak (Gunung Sibayak)
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Mount Sibayak (Gunung Sibayak)

Want to feel the climb up the mountain?
If the answer is Yes, then this is a very suitable option for you. Especially the happy “bother” to enjoy the majesty of the creation of the Power of Power.

Mount Sibayak, just by struggling to climb from start to peak is you will be able to witness a stretch of incredible scenery with an unforgettable adventure. Not infrequently this mountain is also called the “Mountain of Kings”, because the meaning of the word Sibayak itself is “King”. According to the story of the population, formerly karo land is controlled by 4 Kings (Sibayak), namely Sibayak Lingga, Sarinembah, Likes, Barusjahe and Kutabuluh.

Tourist Attraction
Mount Sibayak is an active volcano class that has hot steam. In addition, the eruption that occurred some time ago is enough to shake the rocks at the top of the mountain. The condition is quite “irregular” in this peak rock, it becomes unique uniqueness that attracts tourists who love to test the adrenaline to try to conquer Mount Sibayak to reach its peak.

The view of the sunrise from the top of the mountain will make you stunned. The shimmer of the sun’s rays will hit your face giving you a warm atmosphere, replacing the cold that overnight enveloped your journey. Yes, for the sake of seeing the sunrise is busy climbers choose to climb at night. Ideally, you should start stepping from the foot of the mountain at 02.00 in the morning.

No need to worry, because the atmosphere at night will still amaze you. Plus the lights of the house lights that illuminate the sky of Mount Sibayak. Momentarily makes you feel you’re on the moon because of the footing conditions during a rocky climb.

In addition to the scenic beauty of the peak, the flow of water from the sidelines of mountain rocks will greatly refresh you. Many residents use it as a source of drinking water. The water is cold and very clear. This is the main reason for this constantly flowing mountain water source being one of the water sources for bottled water brand “AQUA”.


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Apart from the peak, Mount Sibayak still keeps its splendor. Other areas are often used as the object of a picture for the climbers is the crater of Mount Sibayak. Inside this crater lies rocks with 40,000 meters sulfur crater. Solfatara content makes it not stop spitting hot steam. The gentle part can be your place to rest for a while inside the tent. Weekends or school holidays will greatly affect the increase in the number of mountain climbers.

Location of Mount Sibayak
Mount Sibayak is located in the Karo highlands, Karo District, North Sumatra. The height of the mountain that is often the object of this ascent reached 2,094 meters above sea level. Administratively, these natural forests are included in the category of Forest Park (Tahura) Bukit Barisan. The highest peak of Mount Sibayak is named “Horse Chant”. This is the Karo language meaning “Horse Head”. The peak coordinate position is at 97 ° 30’BT and 4 ° 15’LS.

Access To Mount Sibayak
Departing from Medan City, you will travel a distance of 77 km with approximately 2 hours to reach the Berastagi. You can choose a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheels. After that, to reach the location, there are two route options, including a trip from Berastagi or from Gunung Semangat Village.

There are three mountain forest entrances that you can choose to reach the summit of Mount Sibayak. Trails the path along tropical forests and steep cliffs. The entrance is through Raja Berneh Village (Gunung Semangat), Line 54, Penatapan corn on the cob and Jaranguda which is about 500 meters from the city of Berastagi.

Ticket Price
You will be charged a levy of Rp 2,000 per person before entering the mountain location. So make sure you have set up the right money to pay for it.

Facilities and Accommodation
The position of Mount Sibayak located in Berastagi City, will allow you to taste the typical culinary-Beriner cuisine craze along the streets of the City. You will also have no trouble finding jasmine class accommodation to star hotels. The recommended hotel and close to this attraction is Grand Mutiara Hotel. However, in this mountainous location, of course you will only mingle with the beautiful nature of the forest without any modern facilities in it.

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