Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul, The Romantic One from Jogja

Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul, this is one more beach tour in Yogyakarta that you should visit from Gunungkidul Regency. Indrayanti Beach, so local people or tourists call this beautiful and romantic beach.

Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul

This beach name sounds a bit strange, because its name is more like a Javanese woman’s name. The beach is located in Dusun Ngasem, Tepus Village, Gunungkidul is also adjacent to other popular destinations in Gunungkidul Jogja, such as Baron Beach and Krakal Beach.

Location Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul is located just on the east side of Sundak Beach. Both are limited by coral hills. Indarayati Beach offers unique panoramic beauty compared to other beaches in Gunungkidul. Not only the sparkling white sand dunes or the magnificent coral reef hills, the crystal clear sea water looks clean as if to invite the tourists to swim and mingle in it.

Sea water in Indrayanti Beach is indeed clean, clear, and natural because it has not been contaminated by various waste. This is because travel lovers always like to swim and play water at Indrayanti Beach.

The Story Behind The Beach Name “Indrayanti”
Giving the name of Indarayanti Beach Gunungkidul is taken from the name of the owner of a restaurant in the area. This started from the signboard “Indrayanti” which is displayed in front of the restaurant so that people are more familiar with the beach as Indrayanti Beach.

Giving this name could invite controversy because the government of Gunungkidul Regency has given the name of the beach, namely Pantai Pulang Syawal. However, the name Indrayanti already familiar in the ears of local communities and tourists. In the end, the best known beach in Yogyakarta is more popularly known as Indrayanti Beach.

Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul, The Romantic One from Jogja

The active role of private parties taking part in the management of Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul has a positive impact. This can be seen from the entire coastal area cleanliness, even up along the coastline free of waste.

This is not without cause. The management of the beach did not hesitate to impose a fine or punishment on the visitors who throw garbage carelessly. This is one of the reasons behind the cleanliness of Indarayanti Beach Yogyakarta.

Comfort and cleanliness is the mission of managers to keep Indrayanti Beach tourist area is not dirty. A thing that is of course worth exemplified by many natural tourist areas and beaches in Indonesia. It also contributes to the growth and self-awareness of tourists to not only satisfy the ego of tourism alone, but participate in maintaining the cleanliness of nature.


Culinary at Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul
No less with Parangtritis Beach or Malioboro complete with culinary dishes, attractions Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul also offers a series of enticing dishes.

In this area, you are not only spoiled by the beauty of beach tourism, but also can freely enjoy the variety of culinary there. You can find a dish of fried rice, meatballs, soup, Gudeg, and others. But of course the menu is served more dominated by seafood considering its location in the coastal area.

Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul

Not only cafes and restaurants that complement the charm of Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul, there are also a number of lodging for you who want to spend vacation time on this pretty choppy beach. Starting from the café, restaurant, to the lodge at Indrayanti Beach, everything is designed overlooking the beach. This is because the dining and resting experience feels really good there.

Romantic Nuance at Indrayanti Beach
At nightfall, Indarayanti Beach Gunungkidul able to bring a different atmosphere. The gazebos lined the seashore look really beautiful with lights flashing dimly lit.

If you come along with a lover or spouse, you can find the feel of a strong romantic in the beach area. This experience feels complete at dinner with a loved one, accompanied by a breeze of sea breeze and the sound of the waves. What a wonderful memory!

After enjoying a culinary dish at a cafe or restaurant located on Indrayanti Beach, you can try another experience by walking towards the hill in the east. Here there is no special path, which means you have to be a bit extreme by going through bushes and shrubs and occasionally climbing rocks. It may be a bit tiring, but know that all will be paid off when you arrive at the top of the hill.

From its peak, you can see the vast Indian Ocean landscape stretching along the visible horizon. The occasional gulls flew by with beaks carrying weeds to make the nest interspersed by the breeze of the sea and the roar of the waves, indeed like a truly enchanting orchestra of nature. Beautiful and soothing. As dusk arrives, here is the best spot to get the sunset at Indrayanti Beach the most captivating.

Trip Route to Indrayanti Beach
To go to Indrayanti Beach Gunungkidul, the trip is fairly easy because the road has been paved smooth. But you are still advised to bring your own vehicle or rent a vehicle, because from downtown Yogyakarta is still not available public transportation that can take you to Indrayanti Beach location.

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If you start the journey from downtown Jogja, then the route to be taken is as follows:

YOGYAKARTA >> Piyungan >> Patuk >> Sambipitu >> Arah Hutan Bunder >> Gading >> Logandeng >> Siyono >> Bundaran Tugu BPD >> Jln. Kyai Legi >> Jln. Lingkar Selatan >> Jln. KRT Djojodinigrat >> Jln. Girisubo >> WONOSARI >> Jln. Saptosari >> Tepus >> (sebelum masuk Pantai Baron ambil ke timur arah Pantai Sundak >> Somandeng >> PANTAI INDRAYANTI

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