Pulau Kanawa (Kanawa Island), The Beauty of the Heavenly Heaven on Flores

Pulau Kanawa (Kanawa Island)
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Mata.co.id – Kanawa Island Flores Is one of the islands located in Flores Region, East Nusa Tenggara. The island, which has an area of ​​35 hectares, offers the beauty of nature and nautical is very fascinating. As the beach is clearly blue, clean white sand, and also the sky that seemed to be an attraction for tourists.

Pulau Kanawa (Kanawa Island)

Kanawa Island Flores has a very underwater beauty to miss, this underwater beauty can easily be seen because the sea surface is clear. Exercise is suitable on the island, such as snorkeling or diving. Tourists who do snorkeling or diving will be served the beauty of marine life is still awake keasriannya.

Privileges are not only served in the morning or afternoon only, when the afternoon comes and the sea water slowly began to recede. Tourists can easily take some marine biota, such as starfish, small crabs on the coast. This is very pleasurable by many tourists, because they do not need to dive to obtain marine biota. For tourists who want to snorkeling or diving, here also there is a diving center that rents tools for diving ubtuk.

The beauty of Kanawa Island Flores
Not only renting tools alone, diving center is also ready to guide you to a dive so special. Furthermore for tourists who want to stay, Kawana Island also provides a simple but comfortable cottage. Enjoy the evenings with typical beach air. For the rental of cottages on the island of Kanawa around Rp. 300.000 only. As for the restaurant in Kanawa Island, it provides typical Italian menus but also there are still local menus.


The island is located about 15 km or about 50 minutes drive from the Port of Labuan Bajo, can be reached by a motorized boat or speed boat. Price for one way, this boat set a tariff of about Rp. 250.000. As for speed boat cost around Rp. 60.000. On Kanawa Island the resort manager also provides a suttle boat, which can be used for free. Suttle boat depart from Labuan Bajo Harbor at 12.00 and return from Kanawa Island at 08.00 WITA.

Kanawa Island, formerly managed by local residents, is now managed by Italians. To be able to travel to the island of Kanawa, tourists should make reservations first, because the island is very crowded by local and foreign tourists.

In addition to the beautiful beaches and sand, just behind the island of Kanawa Flores there is a hill. To reach the top of the hill, tourists have to walk bending and even creeping. Arriving at the top of the hill, tourists will get a beauty that is second to none. The hill is not too high, so even though walking creeps while holding the weeds of tourists will not be too drained. Or for tourists who are not strong to get to the top, stop in the middle of the trip while sitting around, the exotic scenery can already be enjoyed.

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Well that was the tour of Kanawa Island located in Flores, this island is suitable to be a tourist destination because of the beauty that is served. Good luck, may your journey be fun and memorable.

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