Breasts Kneaded by The Boss, Finally It’s a Rose Experienced

(Illustrations) Sexual Harassment
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Deposition of emotion that did not get released, it is very easy to affect the physical condition. That is why, those who are easily stressed or a lot of mind, are susceptible to illness. Conversely, those who are always relaxed and comfortable living happily, physically also feel fit.

(Illustrations) Sexual Harassment

This is also experienced by Rose (29), certainly not her real name, who admitted always feel uncomfortable every time the monthly guests come. “It’s twisted, very painful. If it were so, it really can not work. Just lying in the house holding back pain, “he said.

From the time of the illness he felt every time the monthly cycle arrived. To be sure, once a month, there must be a very unpleasant and painful moment.

Previously, I had time to visit the workplace of the Rose. Through a brief chat with Rose and some of his colleagues, I explained about hypnotherapy based on root problem solving. In fact, physical pain can be caused by the mind. This is called psychosomatic.

Interested in that explanation, Roses also suspect, lest the pain that comes every month that includes psychosomatic. “At most if to the doctor, yes given a drug so wrote. So I want to check, whether there is a trauma that makes me like this, “he asked.

A week later, Rose really intend to undergo the therapeutic process. As always, the initial stage of the Rose is given a brief explanation of what hypnotherapy is. This is to straighten out perceptions or stigma that has already been less precise, such as television shows on hypnotherapy.

After understanding the process and flow of mind-based technological therapy, Rose is guided into the depth of mind level of Professor Somnambulism. This is a very effective depth condition for accessing the subconscious mind. Like diving, sleeping at the depth level 40. While profound somnambulism is at a depth of 28 to 30.

After being mentored and at this depth, communication with his subconscious mind is made. Finally it can be known the original cause Rose experience pain during menstruation. It turns out that this woman’s client backs off on the incident 8 years ago, when she first worked in her current office.

“My chest was touched, even squeezed. I do not dare to fight, “said Rose, explaining what happened 8 years ago. Why not fight? “He’s my boss. While I just started work, “he continued.


It was the incident that made Rose disgusted with herself. He felt useless, and from that moment on he felt that something was uncomfortable. Continue, why can it last so long? “Yes guns nothing. I’m sorry. The man has also apologized, “he said.

If it is forgiven, why still imprint on his subconscious mind? This is the unique thought. Indeed, in man, there are many parts of the self that perform their respective functions. In the case of the Rose, the wise part of him. This wise man obviously forgave his boss’s behavior. However, when asked to the other part of him, immediately came the answer. Yes, there is a part of the Rose that is not accepted by this boss’s treatment.

Armed with these findings, the Rose is guided to overcome its trauma and to remove all the deposition of negative emotions that have accumulated over the years. After almost 3 hours of therapy, Rose claimed to feel relieved and quiet. He did not think, finally able to release the burden that has been borne for 8 years.

Until now, Rose still works in the same company. All parts of him remain comfortable, and there is not any uncomfortable emotion associated with his boss’s behavior.

He also gladly allowed this story is written, as a learning material for women who may have received similar treatment. Of course, the identity of the Rose remains anonymous according to the code of ethics.

Are you a woman who has been treated unpleasantly? Should release negative emotions immediately, so as not to affect your physical body. It does not matter what technique is chosen to overcome the trauma. Importantly, there is intention and self-awareness to release it so that the mind becomes calm and comfortable.

For those who dare to fight the inappropriate treatment, of course it does not matter. But do not women generally hold feelings and prefer silence to such harmful behaviors?

To be sure, sexual harassment, no matter how light, can not be taken lightly. Whatever the form of harassment, whether heavy or light, it is not impossible to leave deep wounds for the victims.

So why do the victims prefer to remain silent and not report? Consciously or not, often victims of sexual abuse will experience additional ‘harassment’ if they have to report. When interrogated the authorities, clearly it will make her shock increase. Not to mention if there are journalists who do interviews on television and asked to re-tell, indirectly it will also make the trauma more severe. Television producers may obscure their faces and voices. But the affairs of trauma, not easy cure.

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That’s why, lets support the victims of sexual harassment by not adding to the trauma experienced. The right thing is, immediately done rehabilitation for his psychological condition back to normal.

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