Alert! 36 Smartphone Brands Exposed to Malware

Malware Smartphone
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Since Wikileaks reported a hacking tool of the CIA’s secret, society has become extremely wary of using advanced digital equipment including smartphones. In its report Wikileaks released thousands of documents that tell about the CIA’s tool used for hacking and cyber espionage activities. Because of this many documents that are suspected of leaking of confidential information largest action ever undertaken by Wikileaks.

Malware Smartphone

The legend says that the CIA can do voice recording, image capture, the android-based phones and iPhones. Not only that, the chat applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram can be intercepted easily by the CIA. If this was true of course, your privacy may be violated. The hacker will know your most private activity. If misused can certainly damage the reputation, career and business. In addition to other mobile devices that can they hack is smartTV. It is not as sensitive as hacking on a smartphone, but still the activity of your house can be monitored by people you do not recognize.

Although it is in standby (red sensor turns on but the screen is off) the CIA can still make a recording if the smartTV been hacked. Also in the car contained therein can hack computers, causing the driver lost control and accidents like in action movies. Sudden brake may not work, while the gas as if pressed on and in the event of an accident the airbag does not inflate. The result would be so deadly.

More sophisticated again the CIA to use a variety of techniques, so it looks that do not hack from America but from Russia. However the news was widely circulated around the world, until now the CIA declined to comment on it.

Following up on the company’s software called check point to investigate and found an astonishing fact. There are 38 smartphones of various famous brands contained allegedly suspicious application is malware. In the report mentioned that this infection is an infection that is unusual, it is because the infection did not occur due to the activity of smartphone users but has no previous therein.


Based on the information obtained, malicious apps are not part of the official ROM firmware provided by the manufacturer of the smartphone. Possible malware is inserted at the time of the distribution process from the factory to the people who want to buy the smartphone. In some cases the malware installed in the ROM using Privillage system, so as to remove the malware smartphone must be reinstalled the firmware. Such actions certainly very risky to make you lose data.

“These findings prove that, even if the user has been very careful, never click on links or downloading malicious apps fishy, ​​he remains at risk of infection by walware without him to know” said Daniel Padon researchers from Check Point Mobile Threat.

Generally in the smartphone malware is a program that steals information or display ads on smartphones. It is mostly found when buying a smartphone is not an official of a local distributor. Usually people call it the mobile phone distributor ROM, or ROM developer. Mobile like this type is prone to, other than that the performance is not good. Sometimes very slow to use, sometimes less stable internet connection. Several brands of smartphones were infected according to a report from the mobile threat is a check point:

  • Galaxy Note 2
  • LG G4
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Note 8.0
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i
  • Galaxy A5
  • ZTE x500
  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note Edge
  • Galaxy Tab S2
  • Galaxy Tab 2
  • Oppo N3
  • vivo X6 plus
  • Asus Zenfone 2
  • LenovoS90
  • OppoR7 plus
  • Xiaomi Redmi
  • Lenovo A850

Checkpoint did not name the companies of the smartphone malware infection. This is not the first case occurred, that contains walware smartphones purchased prior to use by the user. As users are aware of this vulnerability should we buy phones from authorized distributors and perform Checked smartphone to the experts before we use.

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Wikileaks is an international media revealed secret documents state and company to the public through their website. Site WikiLeaks was first launched in December 2006 and reaped a lot of controversy for leaking documents of the United States. Documents leaked Afghan war documents among others, US diplomatic wire communications and recording US Apache helicopter fired on civilians in Baghdad.


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