Enjoy The Twilight at Losari Beach Makassar

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Mata.co.id – Losari Beach is one of Makassar’s mainstay attractions. Around Losari beach there is a culinary center that sells a variety of food and typical snacks. So long the row of food vendors are touted as the longest stall in the world. Losari Beach is located right in the heart of Makassar City, which is on Jalan Penghibur, located west of Makassar city, South Sulawesi.

Losari Beach in Makassar

This saves the beauty of the sunset that lulls the eyes. At Losari Beach you will be presented with natural scenery combined with typical culinary tour of Makassar City. A variety of delicious culinary is available to you typical culinary enthusiasts. One of the favorites is banana epe. Bananas are burned and then flaked and given a mixture of brown sugar water. Hmm, delicious. Suitable for warm body.

Losari Beach

This beach has a uniqueness and a very enchanting privilege. One of the uniqueness of Losari Beach is the visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset in one position the same. The specialty of this attraction is the visitors can enjoy the beautiful wave of waves breaking the beach embankment and coolness “angingmamiri” blowing breeze, while watching the sunset seconds intact behind the horizon, ranging from color changes to shift its position until true Lost from sight. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of fresh seafood. To the south of Losari Beach, there is a floating cafe and restaurant using traditional Bugis-Makassar “Phinisi” boats with varied menus, such as stingrays, squid and lobster with prices ranging from Rp 7,500 – to Rp 25,000 Per serving.

Enjoy The Twilight at Losari Beach Makassar

Another feature is that visitors can access the internet for free through hot spots along Losari Beach. Losari Beach is the main goal of the city of Makassar to spend leisure time such as jogging or sports in the morning and culinary tours and see the sunset in the afternoon. The atmosphere in the afternoon on the beach is very crowded at all, most young men who are enjoying the romantic beauty of the sun set on this beach.


Route Towards Losari Beach Makassar
Administratively losari beach is located in the province of south sulawesi, city of Makassar. The route to get to Losari beach is also very easy and not complicated. If tourists come from Hasanuddin airport, it only takes about 50 minutes to arrive at losari beach. If tourists come from the direction of Soekarno-Hatta harbor only takes about 20 minutes to arrive at the beach losari.

Facilities Losari Beach Makassar
For the wisaatwan who come from outside makassar, around the beach losari already widely available hotels and inns. For the backpacker, cheap hotels losari beach is also widely available there. What is unique again along the beach losari is provided free internet access without login and pay.

To enter the beach tour of losari, tourists do not charge a penny, visitors only need to pay money for parking. Toilets, bathrooms and mushrooms are also available at losari beach. To pamper the stomach of tourists, there is a variety of cuisine typical of Makassar, such as pallu butung, banana food epek, banana ijo, soup konro and coto makassar.

Sunset Losari Beach
The much sought after by tourists on the beach losari makassar is writing losari beach. Spot this photo is very famous, have not reached the beach losari if not photographed in front of the article.

Sunset beach losari is so phenomenal is one target for tourists and photographers. With the position of the beach is slightly indented, then the position of the sun sinks fitted in the sea, this phenomenon that makes sunset on the beach so beautiful.

The Most Beautiful Sunset at Losari Beach
While enjoying the variety of culinary, we can also enjoy the most beautiful atmosphere at Losari Beach, which is watching the sunset. The afternoon sun that will sink in the western horizon, we can see the movement from second to second. For photography lovers, it’s golden hour, golden time. The golden color of the back ships moving back and forth and the birds that fly to and fro the beauty of Losari Beach. While in another corner we can also enjoy the beauty of the floating mosque building, Amirul Mu’minin Mosque, which stands not far from the House of Makassar Mayor’s Office.

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The more night, the atmosphere in Losari Beach increasingly crowded. The tourists who come from out of town or from abroad almost certainly will come to come and enjoy the sunset at Losari Beach.

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