Nirvana Beach, Splinter Heaven In Buton Land

Nirvana Beach
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Sulawesi Tenggara, – The white sand along with the breeze adds to the atmosphere along this beautiful beach. Imagine, the view of the sea water is bluish and clean makes anyone to always feel at home to linger on the beach.

Nirvana Beach

Yes, this beach named Nirwana Beach which became one of the prima donna beach for the people of Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi, and surrounding areas. Every weekend, this beach is always visited by tourists both foreign and local tourists.

There is Love in Nirvana Beach

Nirvana, a word derived from Melayu, means heaven. Then exaggeration if there is a place called Nirvana? Does not seem. Try to come directly to a place called Nirwana Beach in Sula Village, Betoambari, Bau-Bau, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. On this beach, can be enjoyed the scenery that makes the eyes do not want closed. Nirwana Beach, is a white sand beach that is in contrast to the clear blue sea water. The waves on this beach are very calm, hardly any rocks. So that visitors can freely play water, sunbathing, or burning fish and corn in front of saung that can be rented here.

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Mileage Beach Nirwana from the city of Bau-Bau quite close, only about 9 km. For those who do not bring a vehicle can ride public transport by paying 5 thousand rupiah only. But if you want a fun adventure, can also enjoy the view of the city of Bau-Bau on foot to Nirwana Beach. By taking the route in the hills of Bau-Bau City, will see the beach scene of Buton Island and Muna Island with white sand.

Nirvana Beach, Splinter Heaven In Buton Land

Besides enjoying the scenery at sea level, in Nirwana Beach can also be enjoyed underwater scenery. With diving, can be seen beautiful coral reefs. For the citizens of Bau-Bau City, Nirwana Beach is not only a recreation area. There are some residents who take advantage of Nirwana Beach as a therapeutic activity to treat some types of diseases such as asthma and respiratory disorders. This is done only by soaking in the freshness of seawater. Although not many know the truth of the theory, for those who have tried it they believe that it is efficacious.

On the beach are available tire rental services for swimming as well as rental services complete diving equipment. Visitors can also use the facilities Gode-Gode is a kind of hut that can be used to rest and remove tired. Several food stalls and restaurants can also be found around the beach area, as well as lodging. There are many inns available around the area at varying prices.

The Beauty of Nirvana Beach

Around Nirwana Beach there is a seaweed cultivation area run by local fishermen, and there is also a view of the small island floating on the sea of ​​Kadatua Island and Siompu Island. Not far from the location of Nirwana Beach there is also a cave with brackish water bath extends about 50 meters, people call it Moko Cave.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of the beach that is very suitable named Nirwana Beach, visitors just simply pay a levy of 2000 rupiah only per person. The cost is separate from the cost of renting tires, godes, and diving equipment. When you stop here, do not miss the sunset or sunrise. Also prepare a camera to capture the beauty of this Nirwana Beach.

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