Appreciating Nations Children Work in The Defense Sector

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Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Security and defense industry exhibition Indo Defense 2016 Expo & Forum, which took place in JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, not only attended by industry from abroad. However, the various products of the nation’s work has also appeared in this prestigious exhibition.

Robo Marine

In terms of quality, the products vary from the prototype stage to a new one that has been mass produced, with the quality to compete with foreign products. To provide moral support and encouragement for the domestic product, the nation’s various children’s work was displayed here.

Raja Ampat, Submarine Unmanned

It’s no warning, it turns out the existing national company focusing on production of unmanned submarine (ROV). One of the newest products, which has been introduced since last year, is Raja Ampat. This ROV is able to operate at a maximum depth of 100 meters and weighing 150 kg.

Raja Ampat using a single optical fiber video channel. He was able to carry loads of 30 kg, and speed ahead 3 knots. Size: length 1,025 mm, height 560 mm, width 720 mm. It uses the variable lighting intensity of 300 watts, and has an interface (interface) full sonar and depth gauge.

RMI is a specialized company engaged in the manufacture of unmanned submarine or ROV. It makes RMI as the first and the only one in Indonesia that produces ROV 100 percent. Therefore, RMI also become the nation’s intellectual assets in the mastery of high technology, particularly in support of national maritime field.

RMI has produced various prototypes of research results ROV since 2002. RMI began its business by producing a commercial product and marketing it since 2013. RMI continues to increase local product content levels. Hull, propulsion systems, and control systems, have all been created in the country. The whole design of the product have been carried out by national experts.

The Air Parachute and Dragchute for Sukhoi

Talk defense products not only tanks, warships and combat aircraft, but also supplies personnel such as air parachute, which is used to deploy troops. In this case, the domestic enterprise CV. Forward Board has been producing Air Parachute People Garuda 1-P as its leading products. Supported 900 staff and employees, CV. Advanced board using modern machines from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea in the production process.

Air Parachute People Garuda 1-P has a diameter of 10.7 meters, parabolic-shaped, with canopi material MIL-C-44 378 Olive Green color. No Gore gore number 30, the number of each section there are 5 pieces of gore, the number of peak rope canopy 15 pieces, and the number of radial band of 30 pieces. The life span of 12 years or 100 times the wear in the airdrop. Resilience age (maximum storage period) was 16.5 years.

In addition to producing umbrellas Primary and Backup Air People Garuda 1-P, CV. Forward Board also make superior products, namely Dragchute for fighter aircraft Sukhoi and Hawk Air Force. Dragchute is an umbrella that expands to put the brakes on the aircraft when landing, so it does not need a runway that was too long.

Draqchute for Sukhoi aircraft canopy has a diameter of 16 ft, 20 gore, and weighs 10.4 kg. While Draqchute for Hawk has a canopy diameter of 15 ft, 20 gore, and weighs 8.6 kg.

Attacking Rides Lightweight (ILSV)


In this exhibition, PT. Bonded Jala Nusantara Perkasa performed with a light attack vehicle product or named Indonesia Light Strike Vehicle (ILSV). This vehicle is based on the chassis of Toyota Land Cruiser (4X4), which is fitted with a steel monocoque hull (steel monocoque). The crew can exit enter through two doors on each side, or through a large door at the back.

ILSV example shown in the exhibition is a vehicle with the right wheel. It has a complete configuration for missions armored troop carrier, or APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). In addition to the commander and the driver sitting behind the diesel engine compartment are protected, there is room for six people. Each equipped seats that can withstand explosions.

Places shooting and surveillance equipment-related device is above the troop compartment. Also there is a place at the top, for a 7.62 mm machine gun. Standard equipment includes air-conditioning system (AC), and winches are electrically operated. The weight of the entire vehicle rough around 2,755 kg, with a 175 hp engine, which produces the maximum speed on the way to 100 km / h.

This ILSV period will go into production in 2017. There is a contract to purchase 20 units, of buyers is still a secret.

Gama Safe, Buoy Utility

Do not want to miss the campus life, in favor of the defense industry. Is the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), which in Indo Defense 2016 exhibit called Gama Safe products. As military equipment, Gama Safe is a buoy that can be controlled with a remote control (remote control), to accelerate the frog landing troops from the ship / boat to the mainland or the beach.

Gama Safe weigh 15 kg, and has a size of 98 X 75 X 32 cm. Water movement speed at 35 km / h, and has a carrying capacity of 100 kg. This tool can cover a distance of 2 km, while its durability is one hour.

In addition to supporting the troops landing on the beach, Gama Safe also has other functions. It can be used to provide early relief to someone, who would drown in the sea because the waves swept the shore.

Gama Safe also useful to help rescue the passengers who fell from a ship, or there is something else, which threatens a person will be immersed in the sea. So this will be very useful tool for officers, which should keep the beaches or the person doing the beach tourism attractions.

UGM also make Savinna, unmanned surface vessels (unmanned surface vehicle). Savinna can be used as a surveillance state of the surface, ship surveyor, mapping an under water (bathymetric). Savinna can operate in autonomous mode or controlled manually from ground stations. Savinna can help keep an eye on the depth of the waters of the harbor, and the condition of water from pollution, in real time.

Pistol, Rifle and Ammunition

In addition to strategic state like PT Pindad, it turns out there is also a private Indonesian companies that produce weapons for law enforcement, military, and ammunition. It is Tanfoglio Indonesia PT Jaya. The company already produces a pistol, assault rifle, numbered steel or polymer with a variety of sizes and calibers, namely 5:56 x 45 mm and 7.62 x 51 mm. Armament production results by brand Komodo Armament.

He produced, among others pistol Limited Custom S9 series, S9 Kamoro, S9 Korowai, Bauzi S9, S9 Arafura, P9 Aitana, Tambora P9, and P9 Leuzer. These pistols have varying length: 190, 210, 214, and 225 mm. All of the same caliber, 9 x 19 mm. Barrel length varies, from 93, 113, up to 125 mm. Weight is also varied, from 760, 820, 850, 1,140, ​​1,230, and 1,260 grams.

Komodo Armament also manufacture assault rifles D5 and D7, which are made by machine and new approaches, to produce the most modern weapons for the soldiers who use them.

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From its plant in Bekasi, West Java, it has capacity to produce 60,000 pistols, 30,000 assault rifles, sniper rifles and 20,000 each year. Komodo Armament also produces NATO caliber ammunition, from 9 x 19 mm up to 12.7 x 99 mm, which is used to machine guns and sniper rifle (sniper).

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