Site mata.co.id website created to provide information to all communities in all corners of the homeland of Indonesia.

Where the intention is to utilize Internet technology as one of the suggestions for developing the ideas of thought that are more creative and innovative.

Thank you for my friends who already want to take the time and pay a visit to this site. This page was set up by a man born in North Sumatra, Pematangsiantar, who dedicates all her spare time in the world of technology to invite public to become more creative and innovative.

He is Glen Hanz Sky, young people who have a lot of potential in a wide range of knowledge. The man nicknamed Glen or Hanz is also active in Broadcasting.

He worked in a false television stations in Indonesia, giving it a very useful experience to further develop the potential that exists within him.

As a Webmaster, Glen also has established several other Web site such as:
– www.CiptaanTangan.com
– www.ITSiantar.net
– www.KodePHP.id
– www.SiantarKotaNews.id


With private funds that are not small and also spent a very long time in the manufacturing process, Glen had a hope that someday the sites that he managed to be useful for many people.

Not only there, This man also plans to develop the ability to wrestle in the World Broadcasting as Filmmaker, which will make Video-Video Creative and Educating who can inspire people to create more work.

Men who like to play this guitar also has set up several video containing the results of his own music, and hopefully This can be realized.

That glimpse of the owner of this Web site, and for friends who want to share the work and has written for posting on the site http://Mata.co.id can send them via email (admin@lensawarga.com)
Can also call the contact number HP: 0852 6234 1423 if you want to ask.

Finally, the Editorial Team Mata.co.id to thank all the loyal readers who have taken the time to visit this site.