Explore The Beauty of Tomini Bay in Sulawesi

Tomini Bay Gorontalo in Sulawesi
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Mata.co.id – Gorontalo is a province on the island of Sulawesi and very suitable to be a place for you to enjoy vacation time with friends and family. This is not separated from the unique culture and natural beauty and friendly community so that the main attraction for tourists, One of the existing tourist attractions in Gorontalo is Tomini Bay.

Tomini Bay Gorontalo in Sulawesi

Indonesia tour of this one became one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Tomini Bay is one of the tourist destinations that you should visit. The island is located in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi is to save the millions of beautiful sea, the location is not far from the equator is a place of tourists to choose to enjoy the time to relax and sunbathing with the sun and definitely diving because Tomini Bay is famous for its charming underwater scenery.

Tomini Bay

Tomini Bay is the largest bay in Indonesia, has an area of ​​about 6,000,000 hectares and has 90 islands. For the diver from the outside or domestic, Tomini Bay to be excellent for them.

Here are 5 things about the beauty of Tomini Bay:

1. Home For Coral Reefs
Tomini bay becomes one of the places that plays an important role in maintaining the balance of ecosystem in Indonesia. Various types of beautiful coral reefs live on the island. Therefore Tomini Bay becomes a valuable asset for the people around.

2. Over 200 Spot Diving is Here
For those of you who want to dive in Tomini Bay, here are about 200 splashy spots that are really cool to try. There are 30 biggest points in Gorontalo, and there are 20 in Togean, and there is one diving spot that is a dream for divers such as the Togean islands and Olele Marine Park. This place has a diversity of coral reefs and thousands of marine biota with very clear sea water.


3. Fresh Seafood on the Beach
For you who just want to relax and taste the typical seafood here is provided fresh seafood facilities that you can find in restaurants around the beach.

4. See dolphins on the high seas
This is one of the reasons why you should visit Tomini Bay. Here is home to the dolphins. Indeed you can not see it every time. But if you come here in February-April you will see how dolphins swim freely in their habitats.

5. Sail Tomini Festival
Currently the government is very aggressive to introduce the object of domestic tourism to the world through an international event. This is done in order to continue to advance the tourism sector, especially the maritime sector in Indonesia, and one of them is Sail Tomini. Sail Tomini is an event that gives performances various interesting attractions. Such as parachuting attractions and sukhoi aircraft attractions over the Balihutuo Beach conducted by TNI AU soldiers. Referring to the success of the Sail Tomini 2015 event held on 19 September, the government is very hopeful this event can be held regularly in each year.

Travel Attractions To Tomini Bay Sulawesi
The first reason why you are required to travel to Tomini Bay is because the object of this one has a very balanced natural ecosystem. Therefore this tour must be visited and also a valuable asset that must be maintained and of course developed.

Explore The Beauty of Tomini Bay in Sulawesi

In addition, by taking a tour to Tomini Bay tour you will see a lot of marine biota is cool. Giant coral reefs, nemo, gobies and even anemones can be found. And it’s just a little marine biota of hundreds of thousands of marine life that you can find in Tomini Bay.

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Therefore if you are traveling to Tomini Bay it is advisable for you to do snorkeling and diving activities so that all marine biota you can see and you can also enjoy the exotic coral reefs that may never be second to none.

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