Hit The Tambo, President Jokowi Opened The KTNA Penet in Aceh

President Jokowi When To Hit Tambo
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Banda Aceh, Mata.co.id – President Joko Widodo opened the National Farmers’ Association Contact Farmer (KTNA) at Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Lhoong Raya, Banda Aceh. The opening is marked by tambo beating.

President Jokowi When To Hit Tambo

Watch AFP, President Jokowi arrived at the location of the event at around 10:28 pm, Saturday (06/05/2017) His presence was greeted with rebellious rebound. The President was accompanied by First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo, Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman, Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah and Wali Nanggroe Aceh Malik Mahmud.

This opening ceremonial activity was attended by 38 thousand participants from all provinces from Aceh to Papua. They sit neatly on the bench of the stands and some under the tent built in the middle of the field.


In his speech, Jokowi said he had long waited to be able to come to the event Penas KTNA that brings fishermen and farmers throughout Indonesia. With these activities, Jokowi claimed to meet directly with farmers and fishermen.

“I am very happy to come to the event farmers and fishermen,” said Jokowi in his speech.

Jokowi also conveyed one advice that parents often give to their children. The core advice is to respect the hard work of fishermen and farmers.

“We used to hear advice if there were no hard-working farmers we would eat what? If there were no fishermen working hard we would eat what fish?” Explains Jokowi.

“So we must love the farmers and affection to the fishermen,” he continued.

After giving a speech, Jokowi then inaugurated the opening of activities followed by fishermen and farmers throughout Indonesia. Jokowi is wearing a white shirt combined black pants holding two handles to hit tambo, which is a kind of percussion instrument made of sticks iboh, cow and rattan leather.

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“By saying bismillahhirrohmanirrohim, National Week of Farmers and Fisherman Farmers 15th in 2017 on this day I declared opened,” said Jokowi.

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