Coolness of Sampuran Efrata Waterfall in Samosir

Efrata Waterfall
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Have you been to Samosir Island? Have ever visited the Waterfall in Samosir yet? When to Samosir take a moment to enjoy the coolness of Ephrata Waterfall in Samosir. Well, Efrata waterfall became my next destination after my previous post was in Menara Pandang Tele Samosir. To get to Sampuran Efrata only takes 20 Minutes from Tower Tele. Unfortunately deh, if to Samosir not stop at this Waterfall.

Efrata Waterfall

Efrata Waterfall is one of the Tourism Objects in Samosir. Waterfall It has a charming, beautiful and pretty cool, not inferior to other waterfall in North Sumatra. Efrata Falls is located in the village of Sosor Dolok, District Daily. Located 20 km more from Samosir regency town center. Not too many tourists come here, though in the holiday season, maybe because the distance is far enough. Because tourists are usually the most favorite to Tomok and Tuktuk only. But for the adventurer, especially children explorers and nature lovers, certainly will not miss Efrata Waterfall This time to Samosir.

Back from the previous journey story that is after from Tel Tower Tower, I also continue this trip to Ephata Falls, I just continue to follow the path that exists. As usual, the winding road around the hills of Lake Toba, does not make the body tired, because of the incredible views and cool air that I did not get when in the city of Medan. About 10 minutes to ride a motorcycle, I also saw directions to go to Object Sampur Efrata. On the board is about 6 km deeper to get to Efrata Falls.


The road to Sampuran Efrata is not too smooth, the road turns and rocks make me careful in driving a vehicle, No need to worry when to Efrata Falls, because there are many houses so not too quiet residents. Finally after 10 minutes from the crossing board directions, we arrived at Efrata Waterfall.

If you come here is late and almost dark, you can set up a tent here, besides the view of Waterfall, on the other hand, we can also see the lake Toba too. I arrived at Sampuran Efrata at around half past one in the afternoon. While at the Location, there was a tavern, but when we arrived it was not open because the owner was still in the Church, in the course of the New Year’s event. For retribution fee is only charged Rp. 2000, – / motorcycle.

To take a closer look at Efrata waterfall, we can walk through a small lane next to the house / shop. Not until 5 minutes, now I have arrived in front of Efrata Waterfall Samosir. Water debit that fell quite swift and big, especially in the rainy season. Efrata Sampuran Waterfall has a height of about 26 m and a width of 10 meters with the source of its water comes from the Bukit Barisan mountains.

Very Beautiful, cool, and cool while in front of this Efrata Waterfall. But little wonder, because of the waterfall that flows into the stream of a small brownish-black river, what because of the effects of rain a few days ago, or it is already like this. Other than that, it seems the facility when to the Waterfall like a small cottage and toilet is not maintained anymore, Hope the local government and managers can still keep this attraction.

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Overall, Efrata samples remain cool, not yet complete your journey in samosir if not to this Waterfall, Thus the short story admin about Coolness Waterfall Sampuran Efrata Samosir, Hopefully Helpful. And read also the story of the next trip that is to Aek Sipitu Dai, Village of the Batak King, Stone Hobon and much more. ^ _ ^

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