Marine Exoticism In Batu Nias Islands

South Batu Nias Islands
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Nias, – Nautical exoticism on the Batu islands of Batu Nias Selatan is a row of sightseeing that you can see in Tano Niha, the local community that describes Nias as a whole.

South Batu Nias Islands

In Batu Nias Islands Sub-district there are many exotic islands that you can make as a vacation destination. Some islands have been legendary in the eyes of tourists both domestic and international. Among them is Telo Island which serve as the center of Batu Island sub-district consisting of 20 villages/kelurahan. The full article on Asu Island can be found at: The exoticism of Asu Island in South Nias

Marine Exoticism In Batu Nias Islands

Telo Island as the center of sub-district government Batu Nias Islands is the most populated island by the people of Nias. The majority of residents are Christian and also Islamic. In Telo Island there are many attractions and inns such as hotels, resorts and motels, you can choose according to your needs and budget of course.

When viewed, tourists who come to visit most are foreign tourists, especially from America and Australia, knowing it, in Indonesia alone this one tourist destination less popular when compared with other tourist destinations in Nias such as Bawomataluo, Sorake and Lagundri.


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Telo is a marine tourism paradise, you can do various water tourism activities such as snorkeling, diving or fishing. For additional information, Batu Nias Islands is famous for its fish, that is why there have been several cases of fish theft in Nias by foreign nationals.

Batu Nias Islands

From Telo you can continue the trip to Pulau Bawa, unlike the other islands, this exotic island is crazy by surfers (surfer) wave height that always diincar they will be very easy to find here. In addition there are also some other islands are commonly visited by tourists namely Sibaranum Island.

To get to Batu Island, you can use sea and air transportation. When using air transportation, from Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO) to Binaka Airport in Gunung Sitoli. Next from Binaka you continue the journey by plane to Lasondre Airport located on Pulau Masa, from this airport you can use local transportation to your desired destination.

Facilities and infrastructure
In every island there are lodging, hotels and resorts with different prices. You can adjust the budget with your choice. But as information, on the island Telo you will get a low budget lodging when compared with lodging on other island islands.

Transportation from Binaka to Lasondre that use the airway is quite limited, you might get a seat if not booked first.

Marine Exoticism

Various restaurants and restaurants you can find here, not to worry because there are also halal restaurants for Muslim tourists

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