Alas River is The Best Place Where You Can Having Fun Streaming

Alas River
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Alas River is located in Aceh Province, and that’s the longest river throughout the province that passes by way of Gunung Lauser nationwide park, continues to circulation to the Indian Ocean. This river is positioned alongside the Southeast Aceh District, Gayo Lues District and South Aceh District.

Alas River

The origin of the title was derived from the tribe of Alas, the indigenous tribe who inhabit the Southeast Aceh District, this river crosses the entire land throughout the Alas neighborhood. Whereas native people named it as Lawe Alas river.

Situated at 165 km southeast Takengon, Alas River flows divides the Gunung Leuser Nationwide Park. This house may very well be very customary among the many many youthful and adventurous. Has a sharp bend and the current tough for the complainants guts. These which are attracting to adrenalin rush, this river is suitable for rafting and loads of vacationer come from all around the globe.

Alas River is The Best Place Where You Can Having Fun

Streaming down from the Aceh highland Indonesia, the Alas River flows to the south, finding its way through the Mount Leuser National Park. Being the longest river in the west coast of Sumatra, the river offers a complete adventurous journey comprising wild rapids, the beautiful view of virgin forests and the joy of seeing a herd of elephants and a cartload of orangutans.

It is no surprise to learn that this river becomes the dream of many rafters. Its attraction doesn’t lie solely on its rafting difficulty levels tahat range from Grade 2 to 3, but also on its natural backdrops of dense forests, paddy fields and plantations. Even in Ketambe, rafters can be very lucky to see orangutans.

For a one-day trip, the adventure can begin from Serikil to Ketambe or Natam, which is close to Kutacane. A longer trip, on the other hand, can start from Ketambe to Gelombang in South Aceh. This is quite thrilling – and fun – expedition route, as it involves three full days of traversing tropical forests. A lodging facility for an overnight stay is provide at every rest point.


This tourist spot, located in the Southeast Aceh Regency, is such an enthralling place—thanks to its daunting scenery of tropical forests, which is combined with a chance to visit the traditional village alongside the Alas River. The river has flat-to-fast flow speeds, with wild streams to be conquered by those who are bold at heart. You can find some animals-like primates, deer, elephants, or birds – go to the river for water. Wanting to enjoy the coldness and purity on the water? You are allowed to plunge into the river.

How To Get Alas River?

To get to the Alas River is may very well be executed by two routes. First route is from land route from Medan, North Sumatra, by way of Berastagi with a distance of seven hours drive, nevertheless is significantly the freeway is simply not okay for monitor freeway, nevertheless nonetheless potential for SUV cars. Secondly, is by overland by way of Banda Aceh, Beureun, Takengon, and it takes about 14 hours. Your best option to the Alas River is using small bodied airplane by way of Alas Leuser airport after which continues using overland journey.

Ideas for people who’re overstay spherical Alas river, you might rest and sleep in tents on the riverbank of Alas river whereas roasting the fish and profit from the evening time whit your group.

When you choose to stay once you actually really feel the ambiance of a beautiful forest, it would moreover spend the evening time on the perimeter of the woods near the river, it exactly 15 kilometers west of Blankenjeren in Gayo Lues district. Proper right here, there are some wooden huts that each can accommodate two people.

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Each cottage has a spacious room and balcony, with the worth per evening time maintain is spherical Rp. 70.000 per person. For dinner, it worth Rp.30.000 per person, whereas breakfast takes Rp.15.000 per person.

Important Information About Alas River Aceh

  • Starting Point: Ketambe Village, the Southeast Aceh Regency
  • Ending Point: Kuta Cane Village the Southeast Aceh Regency
  • Trip Duration: 40 Km, one full day; 100 Km, three full days
  • River Class: 4-5
  • Access: Asphalt pavements
  • Closest Airport: Medan (7 hours)
  • Facilities: Lodgment, restaurant, toilets, telephone network
  • Operator: Rapid Plus

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