Limbong Waterfall, The Hidden Beauty of Samosir

Limbong Waterfall
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – No one if Samosir referred to as “Beautiful Country Paradise Pieces” because, so many natural beauty that we can enjoy here. I am also always fascinated with the nature that is on the island of Samosir. The view of Lake Toba is so different when viewed from Samosir.

Limbong Waterfall

The sidelines of the hill was clearly visible and behind the hill was visible waterfall from a distance. Yup, talking about the waterfall, Samosir save so much beauty of waterfalls, for example like Efrata Waterfall is already so well known for the traveler.

Limbong Waterfall, is one of the Waterfall that is still considered hidden and not known by many people about its beauty. At the time we went there, access is still unclear and must be touched to get to this waterfall. With curiosity, we finally try to explore this place.


Limbong Waterfall is located in the village of Limbong, Kec. Sianjur Mula-mula, Kab. Samosir. About 1 hour more than Tomok port. Or from Tele Samosir Tower to Pangururan continue to turn right towards Object Tourism Aek Sipitu Dai – Batu Sawan – Pusuk buhit. Among the Aek Sipitu Dai and Batu Sawan on the left side of the road there is a small signpost that reads “Jalan Gereja” We turn left Go in the direction of the church road, follow that road about 10 minutes we can already see from a distance seen 3 levels of this Limbong Waterfall. Then after we passed the small river titi there is a house located alone on the left .. Just park your vehicle in that house.

The journey to the waterfall is not easy, because it has to trek through bushes and prickly trees. Approximately 1 hour, with several cuts caused by a thorn tree scratch, we arrived at this Limbong waterfall. Well because the road does not exist, just follow the flow of this Limbong waterfall, let me not get lost.

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Limbong Waterfall, still so beautiful and natural, has 3 levels and a height of about 30 meters. Cold and cool already clearly accompany our relaxing time at this Waterfall. This became one of the proof of the beauty of the island of Samosir with a wealth of waterfall. Yes, if you intend here please just and hopefully the future has begun to be neatly arranged by the surrounding population. Of course we also must take care of the preservation of nature.

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