Bah Biak Waterfall in Sidamanik Has Its Own Natural Beauty

Bah Biak Waterfall
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Bah Biak Waterfall in Sidamanaik is located right in the area of ​​tea Plantations IV, Bah Butong Sidamanik. Located right in Bah Butong village, Sidamanik Subdistrict, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra Province.

Bah Biak Waterfall

Located in A district 15 km from Pematang Siantar town, via a Sidamanik intersection marked with a gas station and turning to the right of the road. This is the only access road to The Tea Garden Sidamanik. From the intersection Sidamanik later, takes 20 minutes to reach the Village Bahbutong.

The road to the garden is still not too smooth. Souvenir sauce there is a natural tour of waterfall, can be taken for 15 minutes from the intersection of butong. This waterfall is called Bah breed. In Simalungun “Bah” means river like a bolon sump near the village of Tomuan or bah beads. Same as the word “Lau” in the land of Karo or “Batang” in Mandailing. Beautiful view of rocks carved by nature perched beautiful together with the strains of the water of the breed came from small rivers and pipes irrigation PTPN IV.

Once up to the location, you can not directly see the waterfall of this breed, because it must go down with passing tens of stairs. If you bring a vehicle, can park the car or rest and eat at a local shop, before you go down to see the waterfall bah biak, no entrance fee to be able to see Bah Biak Waterfall, but you are only charged for parking vehicles only. The waterfall looks very clear, not too swift flow, so lets you take pictures right under the waterfall bah biak.

Located 1 km from the Bah Butong Gardens, If you are from the city of Medan, then the route that must be passed first is to Pematangsiantar city. Usually it will take about 3-4 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the state of the jockeys. Arriving in Siantar city, we continue to go into the city and continue to lead to the path to the town of Parapat precisely in the direction of Simpang 2.

Not far away from downtown Siantar, later we meet with the T-junction that there is a gas station. If it is straight to Parapat, turn right to Sidamanik. The direction is the main path to Sidamanik precisely to Bah Biak.


Well from the intersection trip to the Garden of Tea Sidamanik approximately takes approximately 30 minutes, about 20 km. The trip will be adorned with beautiful rice field views on the left and right. Although there are some potholes, it should still be enjoyed while laughing.

Well from the path not far away you turn left to the Bah Bah Butong Tea Garden. If you are still in doubt, mending diligently to ask the local people around where the tea garden organs or even asked to go to the waterfall Bah Biak.

Later residents will definitely notify. Because citizens around the city Pematangsiantar very friendly and enthusiastic. Well .. Already enter and pass the tea garden, there are beautiful scenery replaced with hills tea gardens. Wiih .. Cool anyway. The road began to change from the asphalt had become rocky ground.

There will encounter Bah Bah Monument, signing arrive soon at the entrance of the waterfall bah biak. Well, just go straight to meet the gate, then go into the complex. Well here’s good to ask again where the waterfall bah biak, about 20 minutes of splitting the streets of tea gardens will arrive at the entrance of the waterfall bah biak. Park your car at the stall yard, You can directly go down to the location.

Bah Biak waterfall attractions are not well known as the waterfall Sipiso-piso. Bah Biak Waterfall is located in Sidamanik, just adjacent to the Sidamanik tea gardens. To get to the Bah Biak waterfall you can choose 2 routes, namely from Siantar and from Tiga Runggu.

If you are from Medan and Parapat, can go through Siantar route because it will be closer. While for those of you who are in Tanah Karo or Dairi you can go through Three Runggu route. Bah Bah Waterfall is very close to the highway, only about 1 km, its location is in the abyss, you do not have to worry about losing the train when parking, because there is a parking attendant.

The parking fee is Rp. 5,000,- for two-wheel vehicles and Rp. 10.000,- for 4 wheel vehicles and you no longer need to pay any other retribution quotes there. If you have parked the vehicle, you can continue the journey to Bah biak waterfall below the cliff. By foot, the distance is only about 300 meters from the parking lot. But you have to be careful because the road to this waterfall is very steep and also slippery.

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After arriving at the waterfall location you can take a break in the huts that are rented by the merchants who are in the location Sidamanik Bah Biak or if you can not wait you can wet your body with water falling from the rocks.

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