Ahok For KPK, If Not Serving as Governor

Ahok For KPK
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Mata.co.id – Ahok is a very phenomenal figure, lunge and his actions are always so public attention and news hunters. Many people love him, but many also hate him, both love him for his honesty and sincerity, as well as hate his tribe, his religion and his race. But now many people want Ahok For KPK.

Ahok For KPK

Many attacks aimed at Ahok and many also defended by supporters of Ahok, especially during the time of the current governor election attacks repeatedly directed to Ahok.

Shining, binding and three-digit demonstrations always color Jakarta, many parties urged the withdrawal or the deposition of Ahok from his post of Governor.

Had time to ask in the heart, whether with the fall of Ahok this nation so much better? Is it not with Ahok as the Governor of DKI to guarantee the safe and peaceful of this country? Who is the quietest and the most peaceful if Ahok step down? The answer is certainly the corruptors, whether citizens of DKI so better? No, are the corrupters within the provincial government and outside the provincial government really safe, comfortable and peaceful? Not necessarily.

With the popularity and credibility as high as himself Ahok can certainly be and serve anything in this country, plus a good relationship connection with many high officials in this Republic would make this assumption so very possible and very reasonable.

As we know that Ahok is an honest person, clean, fair and transparent, therefore I am very confident that this Ahok-like person will never be unemployed in this country, he can be anything, he can hold anything in the country This is one of the Chairman of KPK (Komisi Pemberantaran Korupsi) /Corruption Eradication Commission.

Many people are very naive to think that Ahok must be devastated if no longer serving as Governor, they think they will be able to sleep quietly if Ahok not become Governor, naive indeed their mind is this.


It is possible that if not to serve again as Governor of DKI Ahok will be recruited to hold strategic positions one of them is the Chairman of KPK, if Ahok is Chairman of KPK then the corrupt in Provincial Government and outside Provincial Government will be more difficult and more miserable, why? Here are some reasons Ahok for KPK:

  • Ahok knows exactly the game in Jakarta Provincial Government, If Ahok become Chairman of KPK he will be the one who knows best about the ins and outs of game people in Provincial Government, KPK will have easy way to naughty bureaucracy that exist in Provincial Government, this also can be applied to Provincial Government Other outside DKI, since the KPK’s authority covers the whole of Indonesia.
  • Ahok knows exactly the budget game in the DPRD, If Ahok becomes Chairman of KPK he will also be the person who knows best about the game in Board Members, this is also so easy way for KPK covert involvement Board Members who like to play a budget.
  • Ahok is very reckless and not afraid to die. If Ahok becomes Chief of KPK he will be very brave to dismantle and investigate Abandoned and Jumping Projects in this country, the corruptors can never sleep soundly, because the KPK led Ahok will become the State Institution The most feared in this country.
  • Ahok not Hooked Money, So if he serves as Chairman of the KPK he will be a law enforcer that will not be bought, the corruptors and criminals in this country will not have a gap to get away from his hands.

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This should be of concern to the enemies of Ahok, because with the resignation of Ahok from the Governor of Jakarta will be a backlash and a sharp blow to the corruptors and rogues in this country, if I were you then I will let Ahok still be the Governor of Jakarta alone from In the future will be Chairman of the KPK, because the Governor of Jakarta only has authority in Jakarta alone, but the Chairman of the Commission has authority throughout the country, he can even “Comot” and “Ciduk” you are outside the country though.

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