Lejja Hot Spring Unmatchable

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Mata.co.id – Lejja Hot Water Baths is a mainstay attractions that are visited by many tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. Soppeng regency which is about 200 km from Makassar city. Soppeng regency known as Kalong City, because in Soppeng there are many bats that we can meet in every corner of the city that dwells in the trees. Soppeng other than famous with the nickname of the town of Kalong, here there are also natural attractions hot baths Lejja.

Lejja Hot Spring

Lejja Hotspring located in a hilly protected forest area with beautiful scenery precisely in the village of Bulu, Kec. Marioriawa, 44 km north of Watansoppeng City which is the capital of Soppeng District. This place has a source of hot water with temperatures reaching 60 degrees Celsius which is believed to cure various genius such as itching skin, acne, rheumatism and others, because according to the study there are sulfur and sulfur content in this hotspring.

Lejja Tourism Object of Soppeng Regency
The facilities at the Lejja Hot Springs Bathing National Park are quite adequate with the public and private baths, toilets, rinse rooms, changing rooms, cottages, tennis courts and tourist baruga as a meeting place that can accommodate 300 people. For private bath pools prepared with a small stage house which has a pond behind it with a width of 3 meters. While for bathing pool there are generally five pools with different uses:

  • Pool 1: the water is very hot, must be vigilant if there is this place because eggs dipped into the pond can be half cooked.
  • Pool 2: shallow pool with lukewarm water that can be used for small children or for those of you who can not swim can also use this pool.
  • Pool 3: pool with only neck depth and lukewarm water for adults. There are buoys that are rented out if you are afraid to swim in the pool.
  • Pool 4: the water in the pool is normal, neither too hot nor too cold and the pool is adults only.
  • Pool 5: The pool is to the east is equipped with a stepping board.

For those who want to see the source of hot water simply by tracing the path that is next to the pool bath to the hill. There will be a small river with hot water and rocks that flooded with hot water and smoke. At the end of the road you can see a tree under its roots there is a hole about 1 meter in diameter.

Now that’s where hot springs Lejja Hot Water originated Do not be surprised if in the vicinity of the tree there are many cans and bottles tied because according to information such a thing is a symbol of hope for who hung the bottle or cans, where when that hope has materialized / Granted that person will come again to Lejja in order to release the bond on bottles and cans and also as a symbol of bonding couples young couples who come to the place.

Access Transportation to Lejja
To reach this place you must go through the winding and steep roads. Whether you use a motor vehicle to get there to enjoy the natural beauty along the journey to Lejja Hot Water Bath.

Arriving at the gate of this bath you can select one of the two options of the entrance is through the road with a vehicle that can directly arrive near the pool bath or through the streets by walking the stairs with beautiful scenery around the beautiful. Ticket to enter the lejja bath for five thousand rupiah per person for adults and two thousand five hundred rupiah per person for children.

Another Tourist Attraction in Soppeng District
Ompo Nature Baths A very clear and cold water pool located in Kel. Ompo, Kec. Lalabata about 3 Km north of Watassopeng city.

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Coddong Cita Cave karst limestone is located in the village of Citta, Kec. Liliriaja with a distance of 53 km east of the capital city of Kab. Soppeng.

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