Kawah Putih (White Crater) Tinggi Raja, Hidden Pearls In Simalungun

Kawah Putih (White Crater) Tinggi Raja
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Mata.co.id – Kawah Putih (White Crater) Tinggi Raja Formed from the geothermal process containing sulfur to form a white limestone hill like a snow hill hill with an area reaching 30 Ha, on the other Kawah Putih there is a river and the water is warm because some river water comes from the hot water flow Crater.

Kawah Putih (White Crater) Tinggi Raja

“Upon the location of Wisata Tinggi Raja, we can enjoy hot water baths, with views of white limestone crater, as well as small lakes formed from the white hot water crater. In the river lane there are stalactites that make up the cave and the rocks due to the flow of hot water. Kawah Putih is located in Dolok Tinggi Raja Nature Reserve area in Silau Kahean Subdistrict, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatera. About 3 hours drive from Medan City.

Travel to this tourist site can use motorcycle or car rides with completeness Off Road, 4WD (Two Gear), because the condition of steep roads and potholes full of gravel, during your trip was treated to natural scenery is still beautiful and curving roads.

Should come to the White Crater before noon, when the day is getting late the puddles will get hotter by the sun, and bring food and drink, at the location of Kawah Putih you will not find a restaurant just a small shop stalls with blue awning, and there you Will be easily dehydrated because of the steam from the earth and the sun.


Myths bring food in this tourist location according to local residents, should the food brought to non-Muslim friends do not contain pork. Because it can bring down rain in the area. You can boil an egg in a hot puddle of crater, and if the number of boiled eggs is reduced, you do not need to be surprised or angry at your friends because according to myth, eggs are taken by White Crater Waiters.

If you walk down the river upstream, about 1 hour you will meet a huge and very heavy waterfall. If you go upstream you should ask for help guide because the road is wilderness that there is no foot traffic. If you are to the north can also find waterfalls coming from the spring but please be careful, the owner of the field a little fierce.

There are also swamps that are rarely visited by humans due to their strangeness. In the middle of the forest there are also trees filled with plants that are very itchy (more awesome than the rengas tree) and forbidden to enter so called forbidden forests.

The beauty of Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja can be juxtaposed with the beauty of white crater Ciwidey in Bandung, But Access road to Kawah Putih very damaged and get less attention. The location of White Crater Tour is difficult to develop due to collide with the status of nature reserve.

Dolok Tinggi Raja is designated as a nature reserve with the decision of Zelfbestuur Besluit (ZB) Number 24 April 16, 1924. Until now, the area is still a nature reserve.

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To visit the location of this White High Crater King you can use the services of tour guides or travel agents in the city of Medan, Because until now there has been no public transportation to this area.

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