The Underwater Heaven of Derawan Beach So Beautiful

Derawan Beach
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – As we already know, there are so many natural beauty in Indonesia and one of which will be reviewed this time is Derawan Beach which is more precisely the beach in Derawan Island. If visiting East Kalimantan, this island is one that you can find in the northern peninsula waters of Berau District. Derawan Island itself presents the natural charm of the underwater park that should not be missed, so do not be surprised if UNESCO in 2005 could enter this island into a candidate world heritage site.

Derawan Beach

Beach Derawan East Kalimantan
The tourists may be familiar with Raja Ampat, the beauty of Derawan Beach in East Kalimantan is guaranteed not to be outdone by Raja Ampat Papua. Derawan Island itself with other islands, namely Kakaban Island, Maratua, and Sangalaki membentu Derawan Islands name. The good news is, there are so many protected and rare animals in this place, including clams, barracuda fish, dolphins, whales, hawksbill, green turtles, and a host of other animals.

The Underwater Heaven of Derawan Beach So Beautiful

The beach is clean is still rarely touchable so it looks very charming without the garbage that makes the scene becomes uncomfortable. In addition to the beach panorama, this beach is the right place for you who want to diving ria aka diving, that is the reason why lovers of world-class diving is very fond of this location so you will find many foreign tourists in Derawan Beach. The process of spawning from turtles is also an interesting thing that can be enjoyed by the visitors.

About Derawan Island
Here is a little information about Derawan Island:

  1. Derawan Island is included in 15 locations in Indonesia whose development is done in DMO pattern or Destination Management Organization, especially as a natural tourism bahri cluster. Development of this location by DMO is also done as a cluster of cultural heritage, natural parks and ecotourism. Derawan Island is one of 2 maritime clusters that you can find in the country, and the only other is Derawan Island is Raja Ampat Island is very famous and owned by West Papua.
  2. Derawan Island region is indeed a village but apparently the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy decided to order Derawan Island is designated as a tourist village. This is done so that marine tourism is supported so that the surrounding community life is also affected by the good impact.
  3. The hope is when the island is designated as a tourist village, it also increases the awareness of local residents in preserving and preserving the environment of this island. Preserving the island is considered very important because the island is one of the most favorite dive spot in Indonesia and it is because of the beauty of the ecosystem in the sea.

How to Get to Derawan Beach
There are several ways that can be considered by the tourists to get to Derawan Islands. If this is your first chance to explore Derawan Island and Beach, please note that there are two ways to go:


1.Via Air
Here is the air path you can use:

First, The first thing to plan is get a flight to Balikpapan. For example already arrived in Balikpapan, to get to Derawan Islands there are two options to consider. The first option is the flight past Tarakan. In addition to the choice of aviation enough, the price was guaranteed cheaper. Only after arriving in Tarakan, you can continue the trip by renting Speedboat. If come in a group then it will be beneficial because hire Speedboat become cheaper.

Second, The second option offered is the passing flight of Berau. There are a number of airlines that provide flight services from Balikpapan to Berau, and you can choose between Garuda Indonesia, Kalstar, Wings Air and Sriwijaya Air. About the price, you always have the option to be able to customize it with a prepared bundle. Upon reaching Berau, you may continue your journey by land to Tanjung Batu and there you can rent a Speedboat. Speedboat that can be rented can accommodate 5 passengers who, if one way, you need to pay Rp 300 thousand. If from the Port of Tanjung Batu, then to arrive at Derawan Island only takes travel time about 30 minutes. If you want to fast, you can choose to depart from Tarakan where there is a fast boat that can take tourists directly to Derawan Island.

2. Via Land

When you arrive in Balikpapan, you can continue your journey to Samarinda. Using the bus is a good choice, but if you want to ride travel is not a problem. Travel from Samarinda to Tanjung Redeb will require you to spend approximately Rp 300 thousand. When from Tanjung Redeb continue the journey to Tanjung Batu, travel is also the best option with a cost incurred around Rp 150 thousand. While to be in Derawan Island from Tanjung Batu, you need to rent a Speedboat with a rental fee of approximately Rp 100 thousand.

The beauty of Derawan Beach
If you travel to Derawan Beach, sempatkan also visit the surrounding islands that have a beauty that is not lost. As Sangkali Island is also used as a place of turtle conservation, Kakaban Island which has a lake with a jellyfish that does not sting, and Maratua Island which also has a beautiful underwater scenery.

The beaches on these islands are still very clear and have undersea beauty that can not be expressed in words. The distance from Derawan to the neighboring islands is not far away, only about 40 minutes by speedboat. So very fondly missed if you visit Derawan, without visiting the surrounding islands.

Enchantment underwater paradise Derawan Beach and the beaches around it is an asset of the nation that is priceless, its natural beauty can not be exchanged for anything. Visiting the beach in this eastern province of Kalimantan will certainly make you more proud of Indonesia and grateful for the creation of God Almighty.

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What are you waiting for? Immediately enter this derawan beach into the list of your next tourist destination. For those who have already visited the coast of this derawan must you really want to go back to visit is not it?

Activities at Derawan Beach and Surroundings
– Walking Explore Derawan Island
– Snorkeling and Diving
– Boat Ride
– Sunset Hunting
– Green Turtle Hunting
– Shop for Souvenirs

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