The Clarity of The Karang Anyer Springs in Siantar

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Siantar, – Karang Anyer tourist spot is a natural bathing place in the area of ​​Simalungun Pematang Siantar. This one tourist place is not in the know by many people, because this place is new in made tourist attractions not long ago. So this place is still less familiar to others. However, for people around this natural bathing place has become a compulsory tourist attractions for them.

Karang Anyer Siantar

The Enchantment of The Anyer Reef Bath Tourism
Although the location of this resort is located in the area of ​​plantation barrel PTPN IV Jambi which has a distance of about 15 kilometers from the city Pematang Siantar. However, the distance does not dampen the intention and desire of Siantar residents to be able to enjoy the water is very fresh and natural. This bath water is naturally flowing from the Maligas Mountains are still pure and fresh. So free from air pollution and weather.

In addition, although still in the stage of development, access to and from tourist attractions Karang Anyar bathing is also now quite easy to pass by various types of vehicles both two wheels and four wheels. Because of the town of Pematang Siantar you just enough to travel for approximately 30 minutes just to reach that location. And when you reach the location, your tired and fatigue will be paid off with the freshness of this Karang Anyer bathhouse.


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When taken from the city of Medan to the Natural Bathing Karang Anyer, Mount Maligas District, Simalungun Regency about 128 km or approximately 2 Km after entering Pematang Siantar City. The road is quite good because it is asphalt, although there is a little perforated here and there and a little narrow but for four-wheeled vehicles does not matter.

Entrance Fee to The Karang Anyer
Arriving at the gate or welcome post we will be charged retribution entrance Rp. 2.500, – / person. From the gate to get to the location of the bath is about 300 M and there has been provided parking of motorcycles and cars. For car parking is charged Rp. 10.000, – while for motorcycles Rp. 3.000, –

Next we live down the stairs to the bottom and can immediately see the clear water bathing Karang Anyer. Around the edges we can see a row of huts available as a place to relax, eat or whatever it is up to what to do. Want a snack can also be because there are stalls that sell food there.

Tiled-roofed huts and mats are rented Rp. 50.000, – enough for 10-15 people. There is also a dressing room that per person charged Rp. 2.000, – when it is entered into it.

I had time to chat with grandmothers who are believed to be the keepers of the huts. That is to wait for the payment. The grandmother has been since 1981 has lived in this village of Karang Anyar.


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