Puncak Lawang is a Paragliding Tourist Paradise

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Mata.co.id – One of the mainstay attractions attractions in Agam District, West Sumatra, namely Puncak Lawang. In addition to presenting the natural beauty of Lake Maninjau’s existing background hill, visitors can fly for hours in the air through paragliding.

Puncak Lawang is a Paragliding Tourist Paradise

Potential strong and high winds are suitable, for people to easily fly using parachutes. Anyone who comes to visit Puncak Lawang will surely be amazed by the natural beauty that is served.

Lake Maninjau sheen that look beautiful hill, make it confined. Waiting for the moment at the top of the mace that has a height of 1.250 meters above sea level, staying up like this is in the clouds.

Coupled with a white cloud movement that wrapped around the top of the mace, presenting its own memories.

It is not difficult to reach the top of this mace. In addition to road conditions that have been smooth and winding make anyone can reach this peak easily. Leap of tower facilities provided by the government, can be seen around Lake Maninjau without being hindered.

Take Off Areal of Puncak Lawang

Puncak Lawang is a Paragliding Tourist Paradise
The puncak lawang of a beautiful so far can only be used for selfie only, but this can also fly easily with parachute parachute.

The potency of a blowing wind and altitude that matches the vast green grass grounding location, for anyone to easily develop flyers to fly.


Trip Of Indonesia
Like the Trip of Indonesia event initiated by youth and sports ministry deliberately made the location of the puncak lawang as one of the five series of Trip of Indonesia Paragliding Accuracy 2017 which took place on Saturday-Sunday (5-6 May 2017) then.

Hundreds of lovers of this aerospace sport to fly enjoy the beauty of maninjau lake. Not only from the various regions in Indonesia, but also follow the participants from neighboring countries such as from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

The wind and lift from the surface waters of the paragliding lake can fly for hours on the lake Maninjau. These sports lovers also seem to love to play with their various styles.

One of the paragliding sports lovers, Tini Mariana Pertiwi from Central Java, was very happy to fly in Puncak Lawang. In addition to the beautiful nature, take off site is wide and high enough for anyone to fly easily.

According to the girl who usually called Tiwi, also said this location is very potential for the commercial, by providing tandem flying so that visitors who come on vacation at this location can also fly, feel the natural beauty of the sky.

Flying from the top of the mace, but can go down around the hills, but many also choose to descend on the edge of Lake Maninjau which requires a minimum of 45 minutes flying time.

One tourist from Jakarta, Yuel was amazed to see the beauty of Lake Maninjau which is a paragliding activity, a very good activity to attract this visit did not get a good promotion.

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The beauty and adrenaline fly glide for hours over the lake Maninjau, it is worth bjuga for you to try. Come and enjoy the puncak lawang in Agam District, West Sumatra.

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