Pandawa Beach Bali, Hidden Beach Behind The Cliff

Pandawa Beach, Bali
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Bali, – Pandawa Beach in Bali is a new beach that is being the prima donna and the fruit of people’s lips when talking about tourist attractions in the area of ​​Bali. If you compare with other beaches in Bali such as Kutha beach and Sanur, or lot of land, of course Pandawa beach name still sounds familiar. His name is also a new beach, reasonable if my friend may just recently heard the name of the beach pandawa. This time, will discuss about this Pandawa beach in Bali, along with its history, cliff charm, and also the title as the secret beach.

Pandawa Beach, Bali

Location And Location Pandawa Beach Bali
Pandawa beach or if the people call it Pandawa beach is located in the village of Kutuh, Badung regency. Distance of pandawa beach if from Ngurah Rai airport is 18 km. Approximately an hour depending on congestion on the way. When my friend out of the main road pal is still about 1.5 km before finally reaching the shore.

One interesting thing about the location of this pandawa beach location is this beach is behind the cliff. This is one of the reasons why this beach is called the secret beach, or hidden beach. From the nickname of my friend would have been tempted to immediately pack a suitcase and an excursion to Pandawa beach in Bali. Many people do judge this Pandawa beach in Bali as a hidden paradise.

Along the way along the cliff, when it approached the beach, my friend will be able to find a statue of panca pandawa, or five pandavas, namely five pandawa knights who are the main characters of the famous Mahabharata story. And when you finally reach the beach, you will find the serenity and coolness of the unspoiled Bali beach. Pandawa beach entrance fee is only Rp 5.000, – just per person, and added Rp 5,000 more for four-wheeled vehicles.

The philosophy of the Five Pandavas Statue on the Cliffs of Pandawa Beach Bali
Not without reason cliff along the road to the beach pandawa is made a statue of the puppet characters pandawa five. Buddy remember who are the characters from the five wayang pandawa? Who likes to watch puppets, or soap operas from India must know.

Yes, according to the character of the five pandavas, on the cliffs along the road to the beach were sculptured Yudhishthira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa respectively. The existence of these statues is diabil from one of the fragments of the story of mahabarata when these five pendawa are confined in Goa gala-gala. The five pandavas survived after they made a tunnel that led to a jungle. In this forest, then the pandavas set up the kingdom of Amertha.

That story is the inspiration of the people around the beach pandawa. They symbolize the philosophy of the existence of pandawa beach that was once hidden behind the cliff, until finally made the road so that now this pandawa beach can provide benefits and as a new kingdom for the surrounding community.


History of Pandawa Beach Bali
As already mentioned wisatalicious above, pandawa beach name contains its own meaning related to this coastal history. Before becoming the lips as it is today, pandawa beach is a beautiful and natural beach, but hidden. The nickname of secret beach is perfect for this beach at that time. Tourists who come to this beach usually only know about this beach from mouth to mouth. Plus, access to the beach is somewhat difficult.

The original name of this pandawa beach is melasti beach. Formerly on the beach pandawa are often held ceremony Melasti, which is part of the Nyepi holiday ceremony for Hindus. At this ceremony, Hindus will worship by the beach in order to purify themselves from all the bad deeds of the past.

Indeed, one of the interesting things of every visit to the beach in Bali is my friend can see firsthand how strong the Hindu culture and how they keep the tradition well. Through this cultural strength finally Bali became a world tourist destination as it is today. Speaking of beautiful beaches in Bali with cultural values ​​are also still thick feel buddy must come to Uluwatu. There is a beach with a temple on the cliff.

Back to the coastal history of pandavas, around 2010, especially foreign tourists, increasingly curious about this secret beach, because in addition to its unspoiled place, and its fine white sand, the waves of the beach is also suitable for surfing or surfing.

Finally In 2012, precisely on December 27, held the first Pandawa Beach Festival at Melasti Beach or Secreet Beach when it is also officially renamed the beach name PANDAWA BEACH, which symbolizes a philosophy like pandawa mentioned above. The government also makes a good way for people to easily come to this beach. Completely in accordance with the pandawa philosophy that must make the tunnel to create a new empire.

Traveling to Pandawa Beach
Many things you can do when traveling to this pandawa beach. First of course interesting experience while along the cliff along the alan to the beach. Then stop and take a picture with a statue of five pandawa.

When you arrive at the beach, you will be able to relax and enjoy the soft white sand, blue sky and cool angina. Buddy can rent a chair for sunbathing along with an umbrella with a price of Rp 50,000 only without a time limit of use. After a moment to relax my friend can enjoy various water activities on this beach.

This beach waves calm enough so suitable for swimming. On the beach is also available canoe rental services. To rent a canoe buddy pal will be charged Rp 50.000 / jam includes a life jacket. One canoe can be climbed 2 people.

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On the beach side of the eastern pendawa is a favorite for surfers, if my friend wants to try this sport, my friend can to the beach location pendawa this section.

Memories Not Available On Bali’s Pendawa Beach
There are many things, activities, and memories offered for anyone who comes and travels to this beach. Prepare your holiday schedule in Bali. Or maybe you prefer a holiday to Jogjakarta? In jogja sibat can travel to Prambanan temple. Whatever your choice of holiday, hopefully information about the beauty of Pandawa beach bali above useful.

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