Kuta Beach Best Places in Bali The Most Exotic and Worldwide

Kuta Beach in Bali
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Mata.co.id – The most desired by tourists when traveling is the satisfaction to enjoy the beauty of nature, fun, relieve stress, looking for new experiences and others.

One of the Tourist Places in Bali is one of the many in Bali is highly recommended for you one of them is Kuta Beach. Remember this is only one of them yes, because later I will share more recommendations of tourist attractions in Bali.

Kuta Beach Bali

Why Kuta Beach Bali? What can be done there? Maybe you are wondering like that. Later we will discuss one by one of these questions, but I will explain where it exists. Kuta Beach is located in the district of Kuta, precisely in the south part of the coastal city of Denpasar.

Kuta Beach Best Places in Bali The Most Exotic and Worldwide

If you are at Ngurah Rai airport means you are very close to Kuta Beach, because from the airport to Kuta Beach only takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

Known to the world since a long time until now, but the Popular Beach Kuta Beach in Bali is no term ups and downs and until now still a major destination for local and overseas tourists to visit and see the beauty of Kuta Beach. Therefore this beach is also known as the heart of Bali and many other nicknames.

Tour to Kuta Beach Bali
To answer the question above why should Kuta Beach? Why? Because Kuta Beach is a very beautiful beach and has much to say and proved that the arrival of tourists from abroad is unending and local tourists is one proof that Kuta Beach is highly recommended for you. Not only presents the beauty of this beach is very popular because of many interesting things in the vicinity.

Enjoying the beauty of Kuta Beach
Enjoying the beauty of Kuta Beach with white sand and the beauty of Sunset in the afternoon, is one of the tourist destinations to come there, not only that kuta beach presents a wave that is perfect for surfing it is a special attraction Kuta beach especially for those who love surfing Will target the waves on this beach to channel his talent and hobby surfing either beginners or who are already professional.

Kuta Beach location is also very strategic and access to get there is very easy on the way so that many tourists make this beach as the main destination. If you are with your family you do not have to worry about anything that brings children, because there also provides a playground for children, for officials also provide a meeting place where you can work while relaxing in Kuta Beach.

Facilities at Kuta Beach Bali
Around Kuta Tourist Attraction is equipped with various facilities that make you comfortable and safe when traveling there. What facilities are provided? You will find many facilities from various places around it such as public bathrooms, surfboard rental so you do not need to take it from home or buy it if you just want to try to rent it other than that there is also Shuttel Bus, entertainment venues, restaurants and shopping.

Kuta Beach

Not only that for tourists who do not bring a vehicle do not have to worry anymore because there are many car rental places such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles with a very diverse price so if you want to economical then you should first ask the people around or your friends who Have experienced there.


Facilities at the tourist spot is very determine the number of visitors in tourist attractions anywhere, Kuta Beach is a beach that includes quite complete facilities and plus many places that are located around the beach is complete for visitors from out of town or abroad to visit there.

Interesting activities at Kuta Beach Bali
To answer the second question above, what can be done there? The answer is a lot, the main thing you can do is a walk by the beach while enjoying the beauty of white sand and in the afternoon you can enjoy the beauty of the famous Kuta beach Kuta beach you can also surf there.

Another thing you can do is enjoy the typical bali food provided in restaurants and food stalls around the beach either day and night because usually there is open until 24 hours, you can also walk around the beach kuta by using a vehicle that can You rent there. It is compulsory in our opinion that are photographed to capture the most beautiful moment in Kuta Beach Bali must have many tourists who do that.

If you bring a lot of money you can do this besides paying for lodging and food and beverage needs you can also buy souvenirs and antiques that are sold in souvenir shops around Kuta Beach, where many handmade craftsmen, painters if You want in painting and clothes that are all nuanced Kuta Beach Bali.

If you are tired after a day of activities on the beach kuta, you can find a massager who offers his services to eliminate your tired while enjoying the beauty of Kuta Beach do not worry about the price because they offer a very friendly price. With the money around Rp 50.000, – you can enjoy their massage so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed many more other services such as tattooing, salon, etc .. anyway if you are there guaranteed not to feel bored.

Hotels and Lodging at Kuta Beach Bali
Confused want to find lodging? Relax in Kuta Beach complete with lodging and hotels around kuta beach with very close distance even you can see the beach scene from there. The existence of the Inn and Hotel is one that determines this beach to be famous, because if there is no lodging and Hotel Tourists and local tourists want to sleep where? If there is no bed the tourists would think many times to travel to Kuta Beach of course.

Therefore the local Government and Investors to develop Lodging around Kuta Beach, for entrepreneurs in particular by making lodging around Kuta Beach is very profitable for them, it can be said that lodging and hotels in coastal areas kuta both expensive and cheap is very rare That empty is caused by crowded Visitors at Kuta Beach who come from abroad so they automatically look for lodging.

Kuta Beach Bali

As for lodging and hotels that are close to kuta beaches like Hotel Hard Rock Bali, Mercure Kuta and Kuta Sea View and five star hotels like Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali Dynasty Resort, The Sandi Phala Resort, Ramada Bintang Bali Resort, The Kuta Beach Hritage Hotel , Kuta Paradiso Hotel, The Oberio Hotel Kuta and many others, please choose your own according to your wishes.

Well how? Are You Interested to Travel to Kuta Beach Bali? Prepare yourself from now to travel there, invite your friends and family for your vacation while there more fun. And do not forget to bring more money of course because many interesting things await you and do not rule out you will spend a lot of money there.

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That’s all the information we can convey about Kuta Beach The Best Places in Bali.


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