Gili Air in Lombok a Piece of Underwater Paradise

Gili Air
Don't Read Alone, Let's Share : – Gili Air will be presenting at you a stunning natural water park. Because named “Water”, then on this island you can do various activities related to water. Gili Air Lombok is located on the Northwest of Lombok Island. In the vicinity of Gili, you can explore at least 5 special points where you can greet Sea Horses, Turtles, various kinds of fish with different colors, and other marine inhabitants.

Gili Air

When you plan to travel to Lombok, Gili Air is one of Gili that you must visit. Local people call this Gili by the name “Tengaq Aiq”, which means “in the middle of the sea”. The majority of Gili Air originated from the Sasak and Bugis tribes. As a supporter of everyday life, they livelihood as fishermen, traders, and tour guides.

Gili Air is usually crowded by tourists in July-August. Most visitors come from abroad, such as Australia, England, France, Netherlands, Italy, and other countries. Not many domestic visitors are in Gili, so do not be surprised if you meet many foreign tourists. The foreign tourists are very interested in this Gili, because of the beauty of the beach and sea views owned Gili Air. Not to mention if you peep underwater scenery is very amazing. So the most popular activity in this Gili is snorkeling and diving.

Explore the underwater world in Gili Air, you can visit 5 favorite places that serve you underwater scenery. Namely Water Wall, Water Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef. There you can enjoy the beauty of the row of coral reefs and fish with interesting colors. These places are a paradise for underwater sports lovers. Your passion will be satisfied also with the uniqueness of each owned by each place. For example Air Wall, in this place cluster of coral reefs stretched like wall. You also can very easily find Sea Horse and interesting tortoises. If interested, you can rent snorkeling equipment or dive, as well as with professional dive guides.


Not only that, you can also surf on Gili Air Lombok. It’s just that you have to be patient waiting for the right time to surf, that is when the waves rise and become beautiful. While on land, you can jogging along the shoreline. Available jogging tracks with a row of tropical plants as a fence. On the shoreline side, lying down and sunbathing while enjoying the scenic beauty can be a perfect alternative activity. To maintain its natural beauty, in Gili Air there are no motorized vehicles. If you want to go around this Gili, you can rent Cidomo or cycling casually.

On the East Coast, Northwest, and South beaches of Gili Air, you can visit cafes and restaurants. You can also spend the night in villa and bungalow with tropical nuance with reed roof. The facility offers you comfort, privacy and a stunning white sandy beach. And the other Gili-Gili scenery that surrounds this Gili Air. In the evenings, you can enjoy a romantic dinner, with views of flickering lights from across the sea that look like fireflies.

To reach Gili Air is not difficult. You can reach it from the city of Mataram, by boarding the land vehicle to the ward dock. The journey to the Bangsal pier can take about 1 hour. From the ward dock, you can cross by a motorboat about 15 minutes away. You can also cross from Senggigi Lombok with a long journey of about 1 hour. Some upscale hotels also provide pick-up facilities, if you book a room for overnight.

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For a perfect tour, you must visit also Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. In Gili Trawangan you can enjoy various beach parties with various events. While in Gili Meno you can visit the Bird Park and Salt Water Lake.

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