Enjoying Exotic Samalona Island in Makassar

Samalona Island, Makassar
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Makassar, Mata.co.id – Samalona name that sounds beautiful in the ear. Samalona is a very beautiful little island, has a lot of underwater charm is pretty cool and clean white sand in western Makassar Makassar, Indonesia, or about 2 km from Losari Beach is very famous.

Samalona Island, Makassar

In Samalona Island we can relax enjoy the young coconut while sunbathing or just playing sand. But the mainstay of samalona is its underwater world, many trumbu coral and fish that are very beautiful and also beautiful to be enjoyed even recorded with our eyes.

Once satisfied on Kodingareng Keke Island our new trip to Samalona Island. Samalona Island is shrinking every year, once the island was around 6.7 hectares but now it has become 2.3 hectares and it is estimated that the year 2020 will disappear. Serem also if this island to disappear, but lucky we can visit there so can be a story to the grandchildren kalo kalassar there is a beautiful island named samalona.

Indonesia has thousands of beautiful islands. The islands lined up from Sabang to Merauke in the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the most beautiful islands owned by Indonesia is Samalona Island. The island is located in eastern Indonesia, precisely in the administrative area of ​​Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The Beauty of Samalona Island

To get to Samalona Island, visitors must travel about 2 km by using a motor boat. Motor boat rental services can be found at the dock of Makassar City which is located not far from Losari Beach. The traffic on the dock is always busy. Because the dock is not only serving tourists who want to visit the island, but also serve the traffic of citizens and traders.


Rental prices vary depending on destination and rental properties. There are two properties of motor boat rental, which are private or public. Personalized here the motor boat is fully rented and will accompany the tourists until the visit is completed. Private boat rental prices to Samalona Island range from Rp. 500.000 – it would be cheaper if visitors are good at bargaining prices. Whereas if it is general, tourists will join other passengers who are one destination and back in accordance with the hours that have been determined. Of course with different rental rates.

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From the dock of Makassar City, the journey to Samalona Island by motor boat takes about 30 minutes. When arriving on Samalona Island, visitors will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and clear water. So crisp, visitors can see the beautiful coral reefs directly from the boat.

Enjoying Exotic Samalona Island in Makassar

The area of ​​Samalona Island is shrinking year by year. At the end of 2012, the area of ​​the island is only about 2 hectares. Although small, the island is equipped with various tourist support facilities, such as lodging, rinse rooms, and shops. If visitors want to see the beauty of the underwater, also available rental services diving and snorkeling equipment complete with a guide if desired. Rental price of snorkeling equipment Rp50.000-Rp100.000, depending on the visitor’s skill in bargain price.

The underwater landscape of Samalona Island is famous to the end of the world. No wonder if every day there are always tourists both local and foreign who took the time to come to this island. If tired of playing water, please close to the shop. In this shop, available processed cuisine typical coastal areas, such as fish and grilled crabs.

Samalona Island is a property of the archipelago that must be maintained and preserved. Do not let the promotion of tourism that is being intensified even more destructive nature of this island. Moreover, many believe that the Samalona Island whose breadth is always shrinking from year to year is believed to be drowned in the year 2020.

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