Enjoy Akkarena Beach Beauty With Romantic Atmosphere

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Mata.co.id – If you are on holiday to Makassar with family, Akkarena Recreation Center is one of the must-visit attractions. Akkarena Beach is a beach tour with complete facilities. Indeed, the atmosphere of the beach can be the heart and mind. So enjoy your holiday and relax by visiting Akkarena Tanjung Bunga with its exoticism and romantic sunset.

Akkarena Beach

Located in the surrounding area of ​​the coastal city of Makassar, more precisely in front of Mall GTC Makassar, only about 10 minutes from the city center by private vehicle. Akkarena Beach is a stunning black sand beach, making this beach as the right choice for recreation with family.

Akkarena beach has always been a tourist destination that promises not only an exotic but also stunning entertainment. With complete facilities, Akkarena Tanjung Bunga successfully synergize these two things. Tourists not only can feel the breeze while enjoying a variety of food or a beautiful sunset in the afternoon, Akkarena Beach offers panoramic beaches and sunsets. Akkarena Beach also offers various means to relax and play. A number of game facilities that can be tried in the place is a test of guts like flying fox, jet ski, canoe boat, as well as banana boat and flying fish as a complementary entertainment for tourists who visit. The total area of ​​Akkarena Beach is 10 hectares. The official name Akkarena Family Center Center. The beach is very gentle and sandy soft. Once satisfied to swim, many tourists are waiting for stunning sunset seconds.


Akkarena has a garden of 450 square meters with Mediterranean-style buildings. Akkarena cuisine garden is located on the waterfront with a dish of local and international food and drink and features live music entertainment. Akkarena Beach also has a dock with a length of 150 meters and a width of 5 meters. The dock is commonly used as a place to enjoy the sunset. Also serves as a boat tour dock. There are tables and chairs on each edge. Tourists can also enjoy a dish of garden dishes at the place.

Akkarena existence in organizing a grand event seen from the choice of this recreation place as the venue of The Rising Star event that suck thousands of people’s interest. If the night before, Akkarena not necessarily empty of visitors but instead increasingly crowded with visits of teenagers who want to make love in the moonlight and sea breeze.

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To get into Akkarena, every visitor is charged Rp 10.000 / person for adults, and Rp 5,000 / person for children and toddler age, you will be treated to various entertainment facilities. Akkarena operates from 06:00 Wita until 22:00 Wita.

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