Enchantment of Beauty Berhala Island North Sumatra

Berhala Island
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Mata.co.id – Travel is not just traveling everywhere, not just riding Borneo (name of Bus in Medan) and shouting excited or tell something on it, or also ride in a pickup car for running out of sudden cost, not just eating instant noodles when camping.

Berhala Island Medan

Mountain, rafting, rock climbing or paragliding is a fun thing to do, but this time I chose the beach for the trip the umpteenth time, I think the beach is the first treasure of nature that I really love after the mountains, the kites, rafting , Rock climbing and kite-playing.

The goal is not to carve our names together with her on the beach continues in the photo with a little toe background. The beach was full of imagination, sunrise and sunset able to issue my screams are very enjoying their movement. Water, sand, wind and blowing sounds, they are strange creatures that make my eyelashes straight and unable to touch when blinking.

When the morning is still I still ignore and prefer to clash with the blanket, but this time the morning was in charge and shouted like a giant eating my eyes are still very unfamiliar wake up early, with Mp3 and list my favorite songs very Like that “Island by Afternoontalk” feels like it was on the beach when I was listening to the song, but I was still on the bus to Berhala Island a few months ago.

Berhala Island is in the Malacca Strait, located in Tanjung Beringin Subdistrict, Serdang Bedagai district, North Sumatra Province. This outer island of NKRI has an area of ​​about 14.75 Ha. Due to the borders of neighboring countries, the island is also guarded by the Marines. They are the residents of this island.

Berhala Island is also one of the turtle breeding islands in Indonesia. Access to get to this island of idols, can be through the port on the east coast of North Sumatra. For example from Cermin beach, Serdang Bedagai and Tanjung Tirarm port, in Batubara Regency. About 2 or 3 hours drive from Medan to Serdang bedagai Port, it takes another 4 to 5 hours to cross by boat to get to the uninhabited island.

There is no special place in Berhala Island, If you want to stay can hire mess marines, or bring your own tent only. To eat and drink we have to cook ourselves of course. Those who have been there mention the beach as heaven in the soles of the mother’s foot stalls next door :-). If I think the beach is a heaven that is not on the feet of anyone.

Well forget about the footprint problem, when traveling in the middle of the sea, about half past six in the afternoon right where the sun must be fused into the sea using a diving tool, continue to meet the fish and corals in the sea, and it is beautiful, until I Can not afford to let the sun drown alone without me.

I saw the people around me who had taken off their buoys, while I was like a sinless man, innocent and ignorant, it turned out that I live alone using a orange buoy that is not the taste of oranges, some people smile at me and whatever I then threw the smile at the buoy that laughed at me from the journey until I could see the island on which to go as small as a green bean nut.


“That’s the island is near, at least a few minutes longer until ya think” say those who can not wait to taste the beach sand that may taste fried rice. And not a few minutes or a few more seconds will arrive to the island, but SOME hours later, well, the edge of the beach began to be a bit dark,  because we arrive there already dusk-dark twilight lights. But luckily I bring a generator, so a little bit small.

The Entrance To Berhala Island

But the next morning I was very successful in collaborating to find a dream with a blanket so as to fail to see the sun rise from the top of the lighthouse. Imagine, my intestines were almost scattered, my fingernails screamed in the arms and my hands and feet shouted hysterically ask in the rolling up hundreds of stairs.

If you want to pee (urinate) get ready to tell the same story, can hell if from above jump down, if from below want above it how? Take an public transportation? Before you go to this island, please compromise with your limbs, whether they want to be thrown, separated with other limbs or choose the way each person like a new person breaking up dating.

Because I have missed the rising sun, with a heavy heart but spirit, I circled the island with several hundred steps, there is also a neighboring island that is not less good, I forget the name of the island, if the water is no longer pairs, we can just walk there like this

There are many activities that can be done on this island of idols like enjoying the beautiful beaches on the island, see turtles lay eggs and the release of turtles to the beach, around the island, snorkeling, Diving, Tracking and can also climb to the top of the lighthouse to see the scenery around the island clearly.

But unfortunately there is not a stanger that again Sunbathing self body on this island. Because I really enjoy the scenery on the beach until I realize I scrub wear sand, continue my streets floating on the water (Wear a buoy).

The atmosphere is clean but at that time there was development, I think for the visitors who travel to this island. I try to imagine with the atmosphere that I will seldom meet this. As the sun goes down, the beach gets dark, this time there is no generator, but there are objects, like bright blue luminous sand, the amount is very much, this phenomenon is rare, this phenomenon occurs because millions of small phytoplankton (more or less like your plankton Look at the Spongebob cartoon philosophy, it’s just this glowing and amazingly luminous plankton) that is stranded by pairs-it happens, when the beach is warm after dark.

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This is the one story on the corner of the beach, Berhala island, when a hurricane greeted from the middle of the ocean, the breeze breeze saying goodbye, sand beaches willing to step on foot for the convenience of the sole of the foot to the ship to go home and leave the Berhala Island. Thus my short story, The Enchantment of the Beauty of Berhala Island North Sumatra may be useful to increase your curiosity for the streets of this Berhala Island.

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