Beauty of Komodo Island National Park Indonesia

Komodo National Park
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Komodo Island, – In the review this time will review about one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia are already familiar in the eyes of the world, even included in the category of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition to the existing Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta which also included in that category, Indonesia also has other tours that become a favorite place for domestic and foreign tourists.

Komodo National Park

This tour is located in the islands of Nusa Tenggara which we know as Komodo Island. The heritage of tourism recognized by UNESCO as a rare place in the world. It is very amazing for Indonesian country, because our destination is popular in the world. Be proud of you as citizens of Indonesia, because in this beloved country turned out to have many unique tours and certainly obligatory to visit.

Komodo Island Komodo Island is an island located in the Nusa Tenggara Islands. The island is in the middle between the island of Sumbawa and the island of Flores. Precisely to the east of the island of Sumbawa. Separated by the Strait of Sape. Komodo Island is a small island that occupies the main part of Komodo National Park.

Beauty of Komodo Island National Park Indonesia

Komodo Island is included in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Komodo district, western Manggarai district. This island is the westernmost boundary of the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) as well as bordering the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Komodo National Park is not only on the island of Komodo, but also includes other islands such as Rinca, and Padar which is included in the main island of Komodo dragon habitat. There are also many other small islands that enter in the Komodo National Park.

The total area of ​​Komodo National Park 2,321 km² covers the land area as well as the sea and air. From the name alone, you can describe what kind of tour on the island of Komodo. Surely this is where the dragons live. The island is a native habitat of komodo animals. Thousands of Komodo dragons live and breed here.

Komodo in Latin “Varanus komodeonensis” is a rare and endangered species. Habitat of this animal in the open. They can live in grasslands (savanna), white sand beaches, and rainforests. Is a reptile animal that resembles a lizard, but the difference in size is very large until it can reach a length of 3 meters. The weight of adult dragons ranges from 100 to 200 kilograms.

Can you imagine how big this animal is. Komodo dragon has a body shape like an ancient animal, sharp nails, scaly, and branched tongue that he likes to stick out. Komodos fall into the category of predatory animals. But do not worry because this animal is still a patient predator and not an active hunter. It only takes one bite from the dragons to paralyze the prey. But they are not greedy, because the prey they get will not once run out. He will eat it for days.

Every visitor who comes will be accompanied “rangers” designation of the handler to the local community. So no need to worry and fear because you will be guarded and directed by the handler. You simply adhere to the instructions given by the experienced handler there. Indeed the Komodo dragon is a species that is vulnerable to extinction. This large lizard is a very protected ancient animal. The government is seeking the best protection for animals, considering that this animal is an important asset for the country of Indonesia, even for the world.

Komodo Island National Park Indonesia

You have nothing to lose if you visit this place, the article in addition to Komodo dragons, beautiful natural charm charm can hypnotize millions of pairs of eyes that see it. Not just the savanna paddies surrounded by Komodo dragons, but you will also see the sea of ​​beautiful white sand coupled with rock ornaments and the waves that swept the edge of the beach. Clear blue water will create calm and add new spirit in life. Sunlight greeted at once added to the beauty of the beach.

Not quite up there alone, Komodo National Park is also famous for having a stunning underwater beauty. Beautiful biota down there with diverse coral reefs make the fish – the sweet fish is also not embarrassed to say hello. You can dive and enjoy the wealth of the sea on this island.

Komodo National Park is the best dive site in the world. 385 spaghetti coral reefs, seaweed ornaments, 70 kinds of sponges, and thousands of fish species are waiting for you. Not only that, you will also encounter various types of sharks and stingrays, green turtles, 6 species of whales, and 10 kinds of funny dolphins. It’s a dramatic and awesome heritage.

Approximately 67% of coverage of Komodo National Park is an exotic waters area. Has a depth of about 150 meters. Water temperature in this perairai ranges from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius with a level of 34 ppt salinity. So much natural charm is offered in Komodo National Park. Besides being able to meet with pur animals

In 1910 Dutch troops who at that time were in Indonesia reported to its leader named Lieutenant Steyn van Hens Broek that the existence of animals that resemble a dragon on an island. The lieutenant reported his subordinate’s report, he went straight to see it was true. Boldly, Lieutenant Steyn van Hens Broek killed one of the animals for the object of research.

Komodo Island National Park

He took to the Museum and Botanical Garden for further investigation. And the result, the animal is included in the ranks of ancient animals. Finally it was called “Komodo” animal. Because the island is the original habitat of dragons, it is also called as “Komodo Island”.

Komodo Island is included in the finalist “New Seven Wonders of Nature”. With the charm of its natural wealth and is the original habitat of ancient animals that resemble those lizards that will not be encountered anywhere in the world.

With its uniqueness that finally can hypnotize the tourists so as to support the Komodo National Park as the best tour. Finally Komodo Island was successfully selected in the prestigious world-level event. And declared by UNESCO as “New Seven Wonders of Nature” in 1986.

Route To Komodo Island


For those of you who want to visit Komodo National Park you should use public transportation only, because the range is not adequate. There are two ways to get there, namely by using land and air transportation. And if you use land transportation, from Surabaya of course you must first go to the town of Banyuwangi.

Go straight to the Ketapang harbor, Banyuwangi and the ferry boat is ready to take you to the port of Gilimanuk. To accomplish this crossing takes approximately 1 hour journey. The journey must be continued back to Ubung terminal, Bali.

Arriving at Ubung Bali terminal you can go directly to the port of Padangbai. Then you will be delivered to the port of Lembar – Lombok and still use the ferry. In this journey it will take 4 hours.

After reaching Lembar – Lombok, you need to be patient again because you have to continue again to the Mandalika terminal precisely in Mataram, with travel time 2 hours. Next to the port of Kayangan, Lombok with a travel time of 2.5 hours. By crossing the strait of Alas. Liaison between the islands of Lombok and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Komodo Island

Port of Pototano is the starting point that you must go. Because this is the starting gate in the city of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Then proceed to Dara terminal, Bima. Arriving there again to the port of Sape. You have to be patient because a little more you will arrive at Komodo Island. From Sape harbor you only need to rent a motor boat to get to Komodo National Park.

Then if you use air transportation, it seems that the trip is quite easy starting from Juanda airport, Surabaya and transit to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) precisely at Eltari airport in Kupang city, Flores. Travel time is only about 2 hours only. Once there, you continue the journey to the port on the island of Flores. And cross to get to the destination. But if you start from Bali.

You are quite from Ngurahrai airport, Bali to Labuhan Bajo directly which is the island of komodo airport. Just choose it, where the route along with the transportation you want to get to Komodo National Park.

Activities Can Do on Komodo Island

Visiting Komodo Island is a wonderful experience if you can see Komodo dragon animals in their natural habitat clearly. This animal is a loose animal, so you can observe it more closely, of course, be careful. In addition, you can also enjoy the elegant beaches on the island of Komodo and Rinca islands.

Amazing exoticism will make all eyes amazed by its beauty. With a sea of white sand as well as the waves and rock ornaments add to the beauty of the beach atmosphere. The clear blue water also adds to the singing of sweet birds. Not only enjoy the beauty, you can also dive and watch the underwater panorama that is recognized as the best dive sites in the world.

In this place you can also rent a fishing boat to go to the Red beach. On this beach you are presented beauty of pink sand. And make no mistake, there are only 7 in the world. Here a beautiful variety of fish is waiting for you, hiding behind the beautiful coral reefs. When you are on the boat, do not be surprised if the funny dolphins appear to tempt you. Take time to play with them. Not only that, you will also be greeted with green turtles and whales swimming freely there.

Since you have reached the province of East Nusa Tenggara, take your time to visit the island of Flores. The island is also not less interesting. There also share unique sights, so it’s a shame to miss. Starting from the famous lake Kelimutu with the uniqueness of the color difference in the three lakes of this crater.

In addition, you can also visit the exile house of Bung Karno in Ende city. The house is located between the local residents, but is banned with a clear plasterboard, explaining the history of the place.

You also can not escape the architectural exoticism of the Old Church in the village of Sikka, Flores. A colonial Catholic church combined with Flores culture. The walls are painted with the motifs and woven fabric of the typical Flores that has been worldwide makes the church more beautiful. You can lose your time in this place without enjoying its beauty.

Souvenirs and Culinary On Komodo Island

Loh Buaya and Loh Liang are centers selling souvenirs typical of Komodo Island. Starting from the colorful t-shirts that depict dragons, sculptures made of wooden statue to various beautiful accessories that are certainly still attached to the feel of the island of Komodo. Suitable for souvenirs, make no mistake, the quality of shirts here is pretty good and certainly not shy if you have to buy it for family at home.

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Having reached the province of East Nusa Tenggara, make time also to visit the island of Flores. In addition to the many tours worth visiting, Flores also has one souvenirs the typical ikat cloth woven very fine with motifs and patterns are very beautiful, even because the quality of this fabric was already worldwide. In addition, you also can not miss the typical snacks Flores.

The first one is a Hair Cake. This cake is made from rice flour, kanji, wheat flour and brown sugar. So it’s not made of hair. Just because it looks as thin as hair so dubbed as a Hair Cake. There is also a Corn Titi that resembles corn chips. Named corn titi, because the process of making the way in titi or at hit until sprawl.

Tips on visiting Komodo Island

  1. Hire a “Ranger” or a skilled handler to accompany your trip in Komodo National Park. In addition to safe, you will also get more information.
  2. Wear booth shoes to be protected from snakes, because there are many types of snakes that usually live underground in savanna grasslands. Includes vipper, russel, cobra, and many others.
  3. Never – give food and disturb the serenity of animals Komodo ancient animals. Although it looks calm and geerakanya slow, but this animal can also act aggressively.
  4. Prepare a branched stick when exploring this destination, because Komodo drag when blushing using the stick.
  5. Given the condition of forests and savannahs on Komodo Island, bring anti-mosquito lotion to avoid the nagging bunch of annoying mosquitoes.
  6. If you are female and are having menstruation. So report to “Rangers” or the handler, because the smell of the Komodo dragon is very sharp against the smell of blood, causing it to be more aggressive. By reporting then your safety more attention.
  7. You are prohibited from lighting cigarettes, since the terrain is a savanna field.
  8. Prepare a lot of energy and strong legs to move. Because the extent to which you walk, will determine the experience you get.
  9. Provide full personal needs.

That is a review of the Komodo Island National Park attractions that entered in the 7 Wonders of the World, may be useful.

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