Letters To Basuki: God It’s Love You, Very!

Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama
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Mata.co.id – I keep this picture long enough. As I recall these photos when hearing cases of alleged blasphemy committed by Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. Perhaps in the weeks after or before Gus Ishomuddin testify, I forget exactly. Seeing this picture I can only wondered whether heavy load that you pelvis and tired mind you feel sir.

Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

If I was Basuki, maybe I was not strong to not be emotional and said roughly know the mistake I did unknowingly and I did not really intend to humiliate a religion as a tool to make me sit on a chair prisoner. Moreover, today I read Allan Nairn investigative article that this is just a case of Al Maidah fried certain groups attempt to cover his plots to President-elect Joko Widodo.

Maybe if I Basuki I will shout aloud, “Why do I need you sacrifice?” Maybe if I was Basuki then I will also be angry and annoyed turns out even though I had to work hard and improve the city in the past two years turned out for the majority of the citizens of Jakarta the most important is the issue of religion and ethnicity. Things probably could not I set because God ordains me so.

But I know that is not my Basuki. He was even known to be temperamental and his straightforward and firmly but not so shallow as I might have thought.

Sir, You already devoted much for Jakarta. Fosters admiration, a sense of comfort, and even envy for residents in other regions. Turns out there build successful Regional Head. Reforming city to be beautiful and comfortable can be done if there is a will. Combating corruption can be the origin of firmness.

Mr.Basuki defeat for me is a slap. It turned out that the nation’s education system has not been widely successful. There are still many segments of society that have not been able to think logically and intelligently. There are still many who contracted the dreaded threat of violence or closing of the doors of paradise to them. People who only see the background without seeing someone working competence. Jakarta (maybe even Indonesia) is not yet ready to be invited forward. I think the residents of the capital are no longer primitive, but the shallowness of thought that today is still evident.


Defeat was also a warning and fears for us to be honest. This victory of the radical group, line hurt, and a bunch of greedy power that eliminated since President Jokowi power. We fear this success will they apply also later in the Presidential Election 2019. If Jakarta only be laid waste, what will happen if one Indonesian Homeland should be experienced as experienced Jakarta today? This scourge, was selling religion is far more important than achievement. How is Indonesia going forward if later everywhere elected leader also in this way?

Sorry about Mr.Basuki, I am very sad today. Like a pair already promised to go up to the altar, already booking vendors, already cover, suddenly boyfriend choose another person to be invited to the KUA (Kantor Urusan Agama) / Religious Affairs office. Something like that my feelings today. There were some expletives “Let Anies win, let the citizens of Jakarta feel pain and regret any minute.” But why pity also remember a lot of my friends were also disappointed and pessimistic to defeat you.

Mr.Basuki, if I were my father probably will not work hard in the next 6 months. Maybe I’ll take it easy behind the counter at City Hall while selecting incoming job offers. Let the governor and vice governor later a large new conversation was actually required to prove their working skills. But I know you is not me, I’m sure you still will work hard in the next 6 months.

Mr.Basuki, thank you for your hard work, forgive us for the onslaught and evil attitudes and words is mostly done by your political opponents. We must admit but You gave evidence to be working, clean, and serve the people wholeheartedly then you also have nerves of steel and open heart. I’m sure in your place a new one, you will carve powerful results. Maybe if we may want to dab President Jokowi to put you in one ministerial post.

God loves you very much, you lose not having been fired, not because it stuck OTT Commission, not in default. You lost because of noise alignments. Hopefully also in line with these results the pressure you feel on charges of blasphemy also fade away, we already know what the real scheme of it all. It also let us know who actually target range of the movement, not you but our beloved President. You are only victimizing.

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Citing the famous words of Pramoedya Ananta Toer in Bumi Manusia “We have fought, At best, very respectful”.

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