KPK Chairman Say OSO ‘Sissy’, KPK : It’s Not Personal

Chairman of Hanura, Oesman Sapta Odang
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Jakarta, – Hanura Party urges KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo to apologize for mentioning the dual positions held by Oesman Sapta Odang (OSO) as Ketum Hanura and DPD Chairman like a sissy. The KPK clarified that the speech was intended to comment on phenomena, not personal attacks.

Chairman of Hanura, Oesman Sapta Odang

“The context of the elements that should be in the DPD is an element of regional representation, not an element of a political party, so if a political party enters the DPD, that condition is then commented on, so it is not a personal matter. , “Said Head of Public Relations KPK Febri Diansyah in the lobby of his office, Jalan Kuningan Persada, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, Friday (05/05/2017).

Febri then further affirmed about the discussion held on Thursday (4/5) yesterday and attended by Chairman of KPK Agus Rahardjo, member of Ombudsman RI Ahmad Almsyah Saragih, and Civil State Apparatus Commissioner (ASN) Waluyo. According to him, in the phenomenon of double positions of government officials in SOEs, which is discussed is the risk of conflict of interest that led to ineffectiveness of government.


“Mentioned by the Ombudsman there are more than 200 positions being reviewed, whether it violates the Public Service Act or not,” said Febri.

Febri then prefers to respond to the subject matter of the discussion yesterday and the matter of cooperation with the Ombudsman. One of them concerning the possible breach of income given to the person holding the double position.

“It is better to talk about substance about the upgrading of the future, and we need to look further into the position whether it violates the law or not,” he said.

However, when asked whether the KPK would meet Hanura’s request to apologize, Febri did not answer immediately. He only confirms the response of KPK leaders in the context of the discussion alone.

“What I can explain is the context of the event yesterday was a discussion,” said Febri.

Previously reported, Hanura by Wasekjen Dadang Rusdiana considers Agus has exceeded the authority and said inappropriate against OSO. He then urged Agus to immediately apologize.

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“Anyway, we protest loudly, it’s good that the Chief of KPK apologize to Hanura,” Dadang said, Friday (5/5).

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