If Lost, Ahok Will be Carried by Jokowi to Central Kalimantan, Really?

Jokowi and Ahok Swordsman Crime Busters
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Mata.co.id – The case of the politicization of religion rolling the last few months, become a separate subject for Ahok. The reason, the case has been made Ahok new predicate, namely as a suspect. Ahok back and forth too must be willing to follow a court hearing on the case.

Jokowi and Ahok Swordsman Crime Busters

Political religion that requirement would be elements of SARA able to harm public confidence in the Ahok. Evidently, Ahok popularity slumped further compared before and after this was the case. Charged with blasphemy before rolling, satisfaction of the people of Jakarta to Ahok ranged between 70 to 75 percent. However, after the presence of the case of public satisfaction with Ahok slumped further to 40-percent.

This is evident, the politicization of religion SARA using very effectively to subvert Ahok. Ahok being violently attacked from all directions by people who have an interest behind Anies. It was also proof that most people in Jakarta are not concerned with the results achieved by Ahok far. They are more afraid of not buried his body at death, rather than his own welfare.

Ahok is one bogey victim of democracy, minority element attached to him, it becomes the most powerful weapon against itself. If Ahok defeated in this election struggle, somehow the fate of the people later. Given the great expectations they are still ingrained in Ahok.

Those who do not choose Ahok, not because they do not like to Ahok. It’s just that they were being scared to hell because it chose disbelievers as governor. If only the people of Jakarta would barely use his brain to be more rational, obviously, the hope has been in front of the eye. Without Pilgub (Governor Election) second round had been able to guess who is the winner.


Ahok victory is a victory for democracy in the fight against racial politics. If Ahok win, the intolerance will increasingly discouraged, room for maneuver will be oppressed, marginalized and dwarfed by itself.

If Ahok lost, it means our democracy is being tested, from the fury of radical mass organizations who dressed in religion. After all, Ahok is still a human being, who can not regulate their own victory. Likewise, if Ahok lost, with a heavy heart that she must be willing to accept it as a test from God.

Do not be discouraged, the good would have been welcome anywhere. If any Ahok lose, this may be a strategy to reduce the heavy burden God who endured over the years. God will not remain silent against such good people Ahok.

With an abundance of experience he has, every region will open the door wide for a Ahok, when he lost it later. And maybe, Central Kalimantan that was the answer.

Why Central Kalimantan? Let’s look..

As of late rolling in the media, there will be a transfer of capital discourse. From Jakarta to Central Kalimantan. It’s not impossible if that happens, since Jakarta is already too small for the size of the capital. Lands and subsistence exorbitant price increases.

Number of new entrants are increasing each year becomes inevitable. Because most of them thought, Jakarta was the easiest place to get a job. With the increase of population, the rising crime rates in Jakarta anyway. The only way is to move it.

In politics symbol, Jokowi as hinted to Ahok “Quiet Hok, if you lose in Jakarta, Central Kalimantan is still there”. With the establishment of the new capital later, Jokowi desperately need a figure like Ahok already proven its performance.

So it is very reasonable, if this news have been prepared ahead of time. It has become a strategy Jokowi, public opinion is purposely built from the outset, so that people know if the transfer of the capital could actually happen.

Thus, the smoother stride to bring all ministers and staff moved to Central Kalimantan. Ahok defeat, once poised to become the new governor in place later.

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Nothing is impossible in this world, anything can happen, especially inner connection already exists between Ahok and Jokowi. Ahok defeat will further strengthen Jokowi intention to immediately establish a new Central Kalimantan Indonesia’s capital. A matter of time, that there will be a new leader in the new capital.

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