Ahok Sign Cooperate with Online Purchase Application

Ahok (Left) With The Developers of Online Buying and Selling Applications
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Jakarta, Mata.co.id – Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) signed a partnership with one of the online buying and selling applications. Through online sales, Ahok wants to stabilize the price.

Ahok (Left) With The Developers of Online Buying and Selling Applications

“For me it is important that we are eager to cooperate like this in order to stabilize the price,” Ahok said in his speech in front of UMKM players in City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Saturday (6/5/2017).

Ahok want juali buy in DKI Jakarta cashless, aka not use cash again. He believes cashless transactions can make the distribution of goods evenly.


“The last five years the price of rice is stable and Mr. Jokowi wants the price of meat stable because we import it ourselves, play our own imports, it is stable How can we deflate in Jakarta because we call it market operation is subsidy If previously market operation is not clear Who is buying, “he said.

Ahok assumes even distribution like flood. Jakarta is now still flooding, but quickly receded because the water is distributed evenly.

“So if Jakarta has 1,167 rivers, how is it connected to 13 major rivers, Cakung drain, that connects So the people of Jakarta feel the flood is rapidly receding, so whatever should be fair, must be evenly distributed Trade should be fair,” Ahok said.

Ahok said the cashless sale is trying to apply it has not received a positive response. When the market operation held by DKI Provincial Government conducted cashless transaction, there was protest from Pasar Jaya.

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“We make nontunai, protested to Pasar Jaya, Oh, it’s easy, we have KJP, then we say, we want to buy subsidies with cards, direct our market operations,” he said.

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