Hypnotized Beauty Underwater Sea of ​​Tomia Island

Sulawesi Tenggara, Mata.co.id – The popularity of Wakatobi National Park is already worldwide. Named as the region with the best diving point in the world, making Wakatobi National Park a mandatory destination that must be visited in Indonesia.

Tomia Island

Located in Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi Province, this national park area surprises the beauty of the underwater that never bored to talk about. If visiting Wakatobi, stop by one of the cluster of islands called the smallest of the four other islands, Tomia Island. This island is not only presenting the underwater natural beauty alone, even the mainland also has an attraction that makes the tourists amazed by its beauty.

One of the best diving destinations in Wakatobi is Tomia Island. Vacation in Wakatobi also feels less steady if not menjajal diving there. Tomia Island in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province is famous for its underwater beauty. To get to Tomia Island, traveler can take a boat about 4 hours from Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi Regency.

Tomia Island region consists of two districts, namely District Tomia East centered in Usuku and District Tomia Induk who has a center in the area of ​​Waha. On this island there are eighteen villages inhabited by people from the Bugis tribe, Java, Bajo, and Buton.

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Since it is the smallest of the other Wakatobi Islands, it only takes about two to three hours to surround the entire area of ​​Tomia Island. The land of Tomia is filled with rolling hills, valleys and savannahs. On the mainland Tomia, visitors can also find historical sites such as Patuha Fort. The beauty of Tomia land is not less than the underwater beauty of the island that belongs to the world’s coral reef triangle.

Hypnotized Beauty Underwater Sea of ​​Tomia Island

If you are satisfied exploring the plains of Tomia and can not wait to see the beauty and rich of marine life, visitors can choose between doing snorkeling or diving. Diving activities can only be done by licensed divers. On this island there are dive operators or experienced Dive Center, with a dive center so no need to be afraid to feel dissatisfied with the experience of exploring the underwater nature of Tomia Island.

The Beauty of Tomia Island

The coral reefs on Tomia Island that reach 1.2 km will spoil the eyes of divers with healthy and well-preserved coral reefs, colorful fish and other marine animals seemingly shuffling unabashedly near the divers. Satisfied watching the beauty of the sea, visitors can return to the mainland Tomia while unwind after diving. Enjoying the dusk at the Khayangan hill with the savanna paddies being the perfect cover to end the journey in Tomia and be grateful for the beauty that Tomia Island has to offer.

Tomia Island

For anyone who wants to visit Tomia, there are many transportation options that can be used. From Jakarta can take direct flights to Matahura Airport, Wakatobi in Wanci, by transit in Kendari. Can also travel the sea from Kendari by routine ship crossing every week directly to Tomia Island. Or if you start a journey from Makassar, you can use the destination Bau-bau PELNI ship, then cross to Wanci Island with travel time about 12 hours.

Fun again, the waters around Tomia Island are clear. So that the visibility is quite far, can be up to 15 meters and if you want to take underwater photos also fun. Do not forget to set up the camera before leaving for diving.

Of course to visit these spots, tourists can ask for help managers dive resorts around. Well if it is satisfied diving and just want to walk around the beach around Tomia Island is also fun lho. The beaches in Tomia look so charming with white sand and lush trees that are not far from the edge, fun also for sunbathing.

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